Full text: Verzeichnis der Büchersammlung der Kaiser Wilhelms-Akademie für das militärärztliche Bildungswesen (Public Domain)

370, 107 Gelände=- u. Feld-Sanitätsdienst. Kompend. d. Terrainlehre f. Militärärzte 
(Militärärztl. Publik. No. 57). M. 156 Fig. Wien 1901. 
108 Hausenblas, A. D. Sanitätsdienst b. einer Inf.-Trupp.-Div. i. Felde. (3f. Je1 Bd.) 
Wien 1896. 3 Bde. 
109 Kusmanek u. v., Hoen, Der Sanitätsdienst im Kriege. Wien 1897. 
371. England. 
371. England. 
S. auch 305,29, Bd. 19 (Frölich); 361,34 (W. Roth, No. 2); 362,27 (Fallot); 363,47 u. 48 
(Militärärztliche Schulen); 396,40 (D. Galton); 396,49 (General report of the commission of 
barracks and hospitals. 1861 u. 63). 
371, 1 Statistical report of the sickness, mortality and invaliding among the troops in 
the West Indies. London 1838. Fol. 
2 Statistical reports on the sickness, mortality and invaliding among the troops 
in the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean and British America. London 
1839 and 53. Fol. 2 Bde. 
3 Statistical reports on the sickness, mortality and invaliding among the troops in 
Western-Africa, St. Helena, the cape of good hope and the Mauritius. 
London 1840. Fol. 
4 Statistical reports on the sickness, mortality and invaliding among Her Majesty’s 
troops serving in Ceylon, the Tenasserim provinces and the Burmese empire. 
London 1841. Fol. 
5 Lyons, R. Report on the pathology of the diseases of the army in the East. 
London 1856. Fol. 
6 Army medical department. Statistical, sanitary and medical reports for the 
year 1859—1902, Vol. 1-44 (39—44 dopp.). London 1861—1904. 50 Bde. 
(Supplement — Internat. Mil.-Sanit.-Statistik — von Vol. 36, 1894 an angebunden. 
— F., 1898, Vol. 40, fehlt d. Supplement.) 
7 Sinnott, N. Observations, tending to shew the mismanagement of the medical 
department in the army. London 1796. 
8 Moises. Inquiry into the abuses of the medical department in the militia of 
Great-Britain. 1794. (Titelbl. fehlt.) 
9 Instructions for general hospitals. London 1800. 
10 Rollo, J. A short account of the royal artillery hospital ad Woolwich. London 1801. 
11 Jackson, R. Remarks on the constitution of the medical department of the 
British army. London 1808. 
12 Orders from the army medical board of Ireland, for the information of those 
staff medical officers who shall be atteched to the army on taking the 
field. Dublin 1808. 
13 Orders, pointing out the particular duties required of resident staff surgeons of districts, 
and of assistant inspectors of military hospitals in Ireland. Dublin 1804. 
14 Instructions to regimental surgeons for regulating ihe concerns of the sick, 
and of the hospital. 3. ed. London 1808. 
15 Instructions for the regulation of regimental hospitals, and the concerns of the 
sick. London 1812. 
16 Regulations for the management of the general hospitals in Great Britain. 
London 18138. 
17 Instructions for the regulations of army hospitals and the concerns of the sick. 
London 1824, 2 Bde. 
18 Millingen, J. The army medical officer’s manual upon active service. London 1819- 
19 Regulations for the conduct of ordnance medical officers, and for the management 
of ordnance hospitals. London 1829.

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