Relations of the city of Berlin to the different public industries

Full text: Berichte aus Anlass des Besuches der englischen Kommission zum Zweck des Studiums städtischer Einrichtungen im Auslande im Juni 1905 (Public Domain)

Organization and Management. As to the organization of 
the management it is essentially the same for every muni- 
cipal concern. As the head of the latter there is one or 
several managing directors appointed by the Town Board, 
on whom certain powers are conferred and who have to 
carry on the current business. They are under the control 
of committees composed of members of the town-council 
(or aldermen) and common councilmen; in some instances 
lawyers and citizens particularly skilled in the respective 
departments may also become members of such committees. 
The managers are entitled to be present at the meetings; 
they may give advice, but have no vote. The committees 
decide important administrative questions, and are invested 
with certain rights that rest partly on general law, partly 
on particular municipal decrees. They are obliged to 
respect the budget agreed upon by the aldermen and 
common council, and the general administrative principles 
issued by them. 
The functionaries and workmen employed in the muni- 
cipal works are entitled to receive pensions in case of in- 
validity, just as the other municipal officials. In a like 
manner the relicts of persons employed in the city concerns 
are taken care of. 
Important Concerns recently taken into Consideration, as 
Tramways. According to resolutions but recently made by 
the city authorities the administration of the municipality 
shall also be brought to bear on the conveyance of goods 
and passengers. If we do not take into account the Metro- 
politan- and Circular Railway worked by steam engines, 
which belong to the state, nor nummerous cabs and 
carriages, the conveyance of passengers is carried 
on by a large number of companies who run omni- 
buses and tramcars. How important the Tramway Company 
in particular has become for the general passenger traffic 
in Berlin, may be inferred from the fact that, in 1903 for 
instance, the omnibus companies together conveyed

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