Relations of the city of Berlin to the different public industries

Full text: Berichte aus Anlass des Besuches der englischen Kommission zum Zweck des Studiums städtischer Einrichtungen im Auslande im Juni 1905 (Public Domain)

for an ox swine feeder calf sheep goose 
3 A 5 - 
stallage: 125 50 70 J 
weighing fee: 20 10 20 A) . 
butcher’s pay: 260 130 140 55 20 5 
inspection fee: 70 60 60 30 15 — 
The administration of the town was not at liberty to fix 
the above fees, since it was provided by the law which 
authorized communities to establish public slaughter-houses, 
that the fees raised by the municipality for butcher’s pay 
and inspection of the shambles must not be higher than is 
necessary to amortize (at 1 p. ¢.) and pay the interests 
(5 p. ¢) of the original costs, and to cover the costs of 
maintenance, the working expences and the costs of the in- 
spection of the shambles. As to the amount of the business 
capital and the financial return of the Berlin-Stock-yard and 
Slaughter-house concern in 1899—1903, see the statements 
grouped in the annexed tables. 
Market-Halls. The organization of the food-traffic of 
the capital was further improved by the establishing of 
market-halls which replaced the open-air markets that were 
customary up to that time. Being almost exclusively fre- 
quented by farmers from the neighbourhood of the town 
who came to sell their own produce these markets could 
no longer satisfy the wants of Berlin. To make up this 
deficiency, the aid of wholesale-dealers and brokers had to 
be called in. Circumstances being thus changed, it was 
necessary to make especial arrangements for storing and 
preserving the goods which had to be brought together in 
large quantities; at the same time the provisions could be 
better inspected in buildings erected for this purpose. Even 
these market-halls were at first, though for a short time 
only, a matter of speculation. So it came to pass that a 
private market-hall, opened in 1867, soon had to be closed 
as neither purchasers, nor sellers presented themselves in 
sufficient number. 1871 another private company tried to 

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