Anhang II. Aus Ferdinand Beckers Aufzeichnungen für eine Freundin. Schottland 1824-1825

Full text: Ein Lebensbild, aus ihren Aufzeichnungen und Briefen zusammengestellt für ihre Enkel und Urenkel / Trendelenburg, Ferdinande (Public Domain)

menced, wil be accomplished lot me thank you for that what 
you have been mr this matter; at least let mo tell you of 
the influenee 4u have had over me, perhaps without 
knowing it crtaitrtte before J was aware that anything of mine 
could interest you. Indeed it was your faith, it was your 
holiness, which J was obliged to hear harshly spoken of, that in- 
voluntarily attractodä me: J remember one évening, when 1 
réceived from you à bDlank shéet ef paper, in vain attempting to 
oxpress in words soon undeceived myself: but J hope 
there is notbinc — ng 5 learned to love God by 
loving you 
Vet J would not conceal that J have not been able to see 
tho absoluto nocoes mo forms, into which Reéeligion 
and Christian?“ bani Hcd. There also J may porhaps be 
enabled to se ⏑r“ akfterwards. — Alas, it is porhaps 
one of the greatasft — our impeorfoct state in this life that 
we cannot alwavs clearh distinguish between that which is purely 
divine and that whie partakes more or less of the human 
character: still more we might be disposed to complain (if it was 
not wrong to complain against tho ways of Providence) that we 
cannot cling fast by our faith, that we cannot retain unshaken 
our view of the things of God, and at e same time conceive 
the possibility of another view as ne“ ypproximating the 
truth. It is this which appears to us to lead to so much bitter- 
ness of spirit, to so much hostile decision among those who 
have so much reason to be united in one brotherly love; and 
it is this also which has opened so wide a field to the hopeéless 
But a human undeérstanding even if inspired by the purest 
spirit of God cannot conceive supernatural things without clothing 
them in expressions, forms, »ymbols; indeed these truths would 
be quite incomprehensible ta otherwise. Too éasily however 
these expressions come to d to lead us to think that 
differences exist in the ng, which are limited to 
the external garment o ue ut Duere is indeed but one 
trutn; but it ie wire Cecb Ce?hs has revéaled to us 
certain portions o it. ob les us réceivc them with joy, let us 
look up to him eéearnestly and steadfastly in order that we may
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