Historical sketch of Berlin

Full text: Brasch & Rothenstein's Guide of Berlin

Frederick William III. (1797—1840), the growth of tl 
was exceedingly rapid and with the exception of the 
caused by the losses during the Napoleonic wars, cot 
and substantial. In 1816 the University was founde 
after the etablishment of peace in 1815, the work of 
ding the capital and adorning it with handsome edific 
statues was carried on with new zeal. The chief at 
was Schinkel to whom the city is indebted for all th 
cipal buildings of this time; in 1821 was erected tl 
Schauspielhaus in the place of the old one which ha 
burnt down; then followed the Museum, the Konigs 
the Schlossbrucke, the Werdersche Kirche, the Bau-Aca 
numerous private dwellings and villas were laid out 1 
distinguished architect. The city was likewise a 
with a series of splendid statues, especially those 
great generals of the wars of 1813—15: Blucher, Bub 
Scharnhorst. The first railway from Berlin to Potsda 
completed in 1838; trade and the manufactures flou 
guild monopolies were abolished, the Zollverein fount 
in 1840 the population was nearly 330,000. 
During the reign of Frederick William III. (1840- 
who was a great lover of art, the architectural and 
improvement of the city was continued; during this 
were built Kroll’s Establishment, a number of church 
Peace Monument at the Belle-Alliance-Platz and, above 
magnificent equestrian statue of Frederick the Great o 
the royal palace. The population in I860 was about 5 
Under the victorious reign of the Emperor Williai 
ascended the throne of Prussia in 1861), Berlin took 
most place among the great cities of Europe; great alt< 
and improvements were carried through; the city wal 
removed and new streets were added, while a large 
the suburbs were joined to the city; several new 1 
railways were constructed; and in the department o 
lecture, a long list of noble edifices and handsome 
dwellings give proof of the splendid era of prosperit;
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