Dictionary of Berlin

Full text: Brasch & Rothenstein's Guide of Berlin

so that they appear quite new and uninjured; thus, in many 
cases, a work of art has its beauty substantially increased. 
The improvement and restoring of miniature-aquarelles 
and Pastille-paintings is one of the specialties of Mr. Brasch. 
Postal Facilities and Regulations. ‘Besides the general 
Post office, there are 40 sub-stations under the control of the 
Berlin Post-Master, and also about 800 post-boxes in the 
streets, from which collections are made 12—19 times daily 
in all parts of the city. The city mails are conveyed between 
the Haupt-Postamt, and the stations, and also between stations, 
by Post-waggons. There is scarcely a point of any im 
portance in Germany for which a mail is not made up at 
least twice a day during week-days, while there are towns 
for which there are eight or more. Foreign Mails are dis 
patched by almost every steamer, leaving English, French 
or German Ports, and the time of closing is always adver 
tised in the principal daily papers, as well as posted at the 
general post office, the different stations, and at Brasch 
& Rolhenstein's. 
Letters are delivered in all parts of the Metropolis at 
almost hourly intervals from 8- A. M. to 7. P. M. during 
weekdays. On Sundays there are two deliveries in the 
morning, and four collections are made from the post-boxes. 
The city stations are open from 8. A. M. to 8. P. M. on 
week-days, and from 8. to 10 A. M. and 5. to 7. P. M. on 
Sundays. Single stamps may be bought at all stations, and 
domestic money-orders obtained at any of the lettered stations 
between the above hours. 
Foste Restante. There is a Poste Restante both at the 
Haupt-Postamt in the Konigstrasse, and at Messrs Brasch & 
Rothens/ein's German- Transatlantic Exchange, 78, Friedrich- 
slrasse, where letters “to be called for” can be obtained 
between the hours from 9. a. m, to 7. p. m. This Poste 
Restante is intended solely for the accomodation of strangers 
and travellers who have no permanent abode in Berlin 
Private letter boxes may be had at Brasch & Rothenstein’s,
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