Full text: Kritisches über Shakespeare / Tieck, Ludwig (Public Domain)

//£ /****' ,,y^6y /' 
Mu l 
*£<t /yV 
yt' X c // lA 
*** d/t*yj tf ,A M-/Ci/r^4^4 //Jt^A, <AS 
l I yl / ’ 7 /" t / y ** 
J/lV. /*< *4*- tw <yL^*4s iv*qj s{~ v'V 
1 y 
f/^» yeAf /ir* y^\yst «* /yAc^ 
v * Y fr / y ' <X / ^ Y ■*//' 
Y^\ *S/U kV/ Sf *A*k At* 4 */* sA4/tlfSaY**. ^*Ajf 
L aj,7z/ /*^i/ yP/Si'A**. tAxe$/**y< ^ y. Sym As* 
/**//./ Ai> *A» Axt*y^y* -T- y* yy -*4 As**. 
I 7 /tu, *Ji t/ls P/j* AiMfyf iAiU*k Adiypb/ys^ j/l 
* J / w /et&4 ■/AUUf' Afy# s tu t/stA iA//a * * ‘(y 
*tuy SlA/u yuA jA (A jA/uSAu^ tc^*. ic /y % y /z Aa* , > y SA 
^ ^ssl.A^f -'lüi.fai ß jJ4*} *lr Ah Jffßtuf, sin tr jlA*H A 
Ah/v- A^tjO/^Af /*,Au*. aAu **//*< /A$y 
iywk jiat / A \%s/* t/Aa' Ay Sr 2 4 /fAtfi, A**u **-/<V*TV vL 
t/j^u* t ix A tSj <4 <*// S tjys/uh v-4/a hAs *^ A A^ !k A/*y* 
Ajv.fl **? y <* /uy*t / {i £{{ u u ttu* A^f jy AA- A/lh %/** A/. 
Soft jyt^x Sk/C j^Ant/A * ru * l' AtUyfty Ixrt/fyS. /*S /s/sjl2 
Sity, ///V> PA^ffy */A rc fyy’ jfs i (,/, ,Sl*t SS A OXtcfA JA*-?'*«* 
" S <£{ sL* Attd/«* rffrtf'y ***** te&y/t Ssuce« M 
E SrAt^k # trtSA^J^ lk* * - AtU** ' J Sff tAjy 
'^u sAt f tuSt. c A& t'k jt4 c*y/* *~y y/\ tsfS^ ut*y e<* *&4, A 
AA*<&tu. AlA. Jjsfti AS*s A*yA**~ -f*yft*A**-k'A^ 
a4h tA& 0 4.y*& '0 *A/ isS /A*S' AAyyy^ <*a ***** *S, 
SAfjStf tut* Atcn V5 Ar Asyd ** ^ S i*ht&*jjr jA2%aA c * ^Ay' t *A^ 
'/tfJt J(/ *i*y'tyy^ i — Afc^/i'kcS <S t<> faySe* *?(■** *y 
f/rfiAyi' AA*/& A^y [y. A/Afy Sn A)‘ f^ r ? —' f AA 4*-*y' 
x JtrfArtf sy*A< c SP rf* uff /SayS *?&* ASt tsA^A 
yf ^>* S . /.? /^(y/. y//y ^/y Ss jts /t > y? A-^U*X 4 jf y j f f* 'y l /7s'S 
£ yuytüfjyyjdt <u'V 14.&'<' * fyuay ry ^ y m.*?**^ 
VA?c A*sP Ak*y> yAfk'tAj /yAc <t A±y^ ***/*' ''//ry* «* 
<Lyc t/A fast* S AASo tUi f loAty* yiS/t* {*<■) Si V<5 /APS 
§4U*Ac « cV&'PjAl ^ {typ Att&Advr Ac.A tucAS AS < /uyt£fi A 
$044/ * At #JU <r Axm %#* *< , ** * AAc /&*/& 
/jiAuAP Am/t fA /e Ts AS tevA* /# t 
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