S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

With longe felicite on the other syde 
Conserue thyn Abbot and thy deuout 
Syth they are bounde of herte and 
hole entent 
1750 Euer the to seme by theyr profession, 
O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
And specially pray | for our most 
riall prince, 
Our redouted lord |and most gracious 
Most victorious kinge, 1 our sheld and 
our defence, 
■755 Both kinge & Emperour | within all 
this Britaine, 
Defender of the faith, | of Irlonde 
lorde & captaine: 
Henry the VIII., surmountyng in 
O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
Pray for his spouse, ] his louynge 
lady dere, 
176° His riall quene Anna, | notable and 
Indowed with grace | and vertu 
without pere; 
Pray for oure princes, | that she may 
be prosperous, 
Elizabeth by name, | both beautifull 
and gracious; 
Pray that theyr issue | haue fortunate 
1765 O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
Pray for princes that this londe 
To rule the people by prudentpolicie; 
Pray for the chyrche, that lyke a 
clere lanterne 
By good ensample ther subiectes for 
to gye; 
1770 And pray also that the chiualrie 
May holde vp ryght agaynste fake 
O porthomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
Pray for marchantes | and artificers, 
To encrease by vertue in theyr bu- 
1775 That there be founde no fraude in 
theyr desyres, 
So that false lucre haue none en- 
By thy prayer do also represse 
All tyranny and all false extorcion, 
O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
1780 And with these, o martyr glorious, 
Syth thy prayer may so mocheauayle, 
Pray to the lorde aboue, most gra 
Agayne indigence to sende inough 
of vitayle; 
And specially pray for the porayl, 
1785 Them to releue with plenty and 
foyson — 
O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
Noble prince, most soueraigne and 
Come, frute and grayne to encrease 
and multiplie, 
Blessed Albon, praye for the labourer 
1790 To plough and carte theyr handes 
so to applie 
That grace may so gouerne them 
and gye, 
To great increase gyue all this region, 
O prothomartyr of Brutis Albion! 
All these estates, remembred in 
1795 Joyne them in vertue by perfyte cha 
ry te; 
Stall 1752—1765 (später eingelegt) hat Ms. Cbr. 
Sith in thi lyvynge thou were so good a knyght 
And of vertu thou haddist grete sufficiaunce, 
Pray for the Sixt (VIII iibschr.), like as he hath right 
Of goddis grace by influent pyussaunce 
Be thi prayer in Englonde and in Fraunce, 
Longe to contynue and haue possessioune, 
O Prothomartir of Brutys Albioune. 
As verely as thou in thi lyvynge 
Were like a prynce notable and vertuous. 
Pray for the Syxt (übschr. VIII) Henry of thes 
Roealmes kynge 
Afore remembride, that he may be famous 
In all his dedis and victorious, 
Sith he to the hath grete deuocioune, 
O Prothomartyr of Brutis Albioune.
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