S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

1640 Also at the tyme of this trans 
lation in dede 
Adrian was pope, 1 and that they 
And whan Valentiniane | to thempyre 
dyd precede, 
Liberious was pope | in his. XII. yere, 
As diuerse Historiographers | playnly 
do expresse; 
164s So that of the sees spirituall nor tem 
Agreeth with theyr accomptes | after 
theyr memorial!. 
They say also the body is yet incorrupt 
From the thyes vpwarde, | they haue 
in possession. 
Whiche saiynge me semeth of trouthe 
be interrupte, 
> 6 s° Onles they wyll graunt any vnsemyng 
Of a corporall body to be cut in per- 
Yet I can not knowe what parte they 
shulde haue: 
For kynge Oft'a founde nothyngjbut the 
bonesinhis graue. 
They say also that kyngOffa&saynt 
1655 Was bothe at one tyme | at this 
Whan therisies was destroyde of 
false pelagian. 
In whose tymes is a great altercation; 
Who lust accompt by iust compo- 
Shall fynde .CCC. yeres .XLIIII. also 
1660 That kynge Offa came after saynt 
Germaynwas go. 
They say also that themperour 
Shulde mete S. Germain, | whä he 
came to Rauene. 
Whiche can not be trewe, | but all 
spoken in vayne: 
For CCC. XLVI. was the yeres of our 
lorde than 
■«5 Whan Valentiniane fyrste began to 
reign e — 
That was .I .XXX. III. yeres before that 
Therfore, good bretherne of holy 
saynt Benet, 
Monkes of Colen, leue this your 
1670 Ye be so ferre hense, 1 in dede ye 
can not let 
Ony deuoute persons | for to do 
theyr offryng. 
1 wyll not denie | but your vntrewe 
May brynge some people, 1 pucyll 
and innocent, 
For lacke of trewe knowlege | in a 
wrong iugemet; 
167s But they that be lerned, can rede 
as well as ye, 
Conferre histories | and also accompte 
the yeres, 
Can well perceyue howe craftely ye 
do flye 
From trouthe— | tinstones so playnly 
And are not they accursed JU false 
wytnesse beares, 
1680 And specyally in writing ) to the 
Of theyr bretherne in god of a nother 
Remembre ye ware in Englande 
but late 
With the VII. Henry, that myghty 
ryall kynge, 
Where couertly ye sought meanesw/V; 
many a noble estate 
1685 To staye & aide you in this vntrewe 
But ye durst not abyde thende of 
the rekenyng, 
For feare of afterclappes that myght 
haue ensued, 
Ye where afrayde to drynke of suche 
as ye brewed! 
Wherfore reduce your seife, | false 
wryty nge reuoke, 
1690 Knowlege your offence — | of wyll 
more than dede, 
For, if ye continue, 1 ye shall haue 
but a mocke — 
Men knoweth howe ye can in ony 
wyse precede.
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