S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

To his tobe they returned, | with herl 
& my nd effectual, 
Redoublyng theyr prayer)w///i humble 
For the great tryumphe ) and vtter 
That thenmyes of god | had susteyned 
that day, 
1345 Exhortyng the people | to laude god 
and praye. 
And mekely on theyr knees | with 
all dew reuerence 
Vncouered the tombe, | where the 
corps lay: 
There founde the reliques, in state 
and essence 
All though he had layne ther many 
a longe day. 
‘350 And of the same reliques they toke 
no parte away; 
But of therth all blody saint Germane 
toke a porcion, 
To here aboute with hym, of feruent 
And forthesame in full recompence, 
A cophyn enclosed with relyques 
many one 
>355 Of all thapostels | and martyrs with 
Whiche he gathered in places where 
he had gone, 
‘ There he them offered to blessed 
saynt Albon, 
For a perpctuall memory of that his 
acte and dede 
And to all pylgryms to haue rewarde 
and mede. 
>3&> Than departed Germayne and his 
felowe Lupus 
In to theyr owne countres, there to 
Within foure yeres after | agayne it 
happened thus: 
Newly to sprynge | theresyes of pe- 
Than the clergy sent of newe for 
saynt Germayne; 
1365 Who hastely graunted to come and 
All doutes, associate 1 with holy 
Who breuely confounded and 
brought to vtterance 
All theretykes to theyr shame and 
That done, they retourned agayne 
into Fraunce, 
1370 The people delyuered from deuyllys 
she illusion; — 
Albeit shortely after | theyr former 
Returned theyr myndes and brought 
in appostacy, 
Theyr god forgettyng to laude and 
And all that was done by the gre 
uous occasyon 
1375 Of the furyous saxons | and theyr 
pagan ryte; 
For after that they had in (t)his lade 
made inuasion, 
Chur(c)hes and clergy they distroyed 
To adnull Christis lawe was all theyr 
And compell the christen to theyr 
false ydolatry — 
1380 In suche miserable lyfc was all theyr 
Thus by them all this region in 
maner pcmerted 
From Christis fayth, | and holy saynt 
The chapell and tombe decayed and 
subuerted — 
Token or knowlege there was lefte 
none — 
1385 Deuotion and prayer forgotten and 
Tyll god of his goodnes and mercy- 
full pitie 
Wold reuele his sayntes ) to the laude 
of his deite. 
Thus duryng this tyme, thre hundred 
yere & mo, 
The hertes of the people, | all derke 
& obumbrate, 
1390 From the fayth of Christ was clerely 
lost and go, 
Worshyppyng ydols of power adny- 
chilate —
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