S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

1120 To forsake your goddes | whiche may 
do you nogoode, 
By my counsell be bathed inthisflode! 
The streme therof shall glad your 
And race a-way the rust of olde 
And with a flowe of all prosperite 
1125 Renewe both your herte and your 
And you preserue from infernall 
Ye Stande free, cheseth nowe of 
Eternall lyfe | or euerlastyng peyne!“ 
After these notable exhortations, 
"30 Grounded on fayth and perfyte cha 
The paynyms, lyke tygrys or lyons, 
In theyr hasty furyous cruelte 
Fyllen vpon the martyr, bounde to a 
On eche syde assayled hym at ones 
"35 With rounde kalyons and with 
sharpe stones. 
A great myracle 1 god lyst that day 
to shewe. 
And this martyr, lyke goddes cham- 
Beset all aboute with paynyms not 
a fewe 
Stode aye vpryght, | no partye downe, 
"■t° Stable in prayer and in orison, 
Erecte to god, | not turnyng north 
ne southe, 
The worde of god neuer out of his 
mouthe — 
Saue the word of god 1 & his grace, 
was impossible 
To abyde that bronte, where he had 
force or might; 
"45 In soule and spirite stondyng inui(n)- 
The eien vp lyfte of his inwardesyght 
Towarde heuen — Phebus was neuer 
so bryght 
1139 1. bowing downe. 1166 his st. this. 
At mydsomer in his myd day spere 
As he sawe Jesu in the heuen appere 
"50 On the ryght syde of his father 
dere — 
Fyne of his tryumphe | and of his 
turmentry — 
Herde of angels with sugred notes clere 
Celestial! songe | whiche in theyr 
Gan prayse the lorde; | and there he 
gan espy 
’155 His blessed Albon, clad in purple 
wede — 
Token, of Christ he lyst his blode 
to blede. 
To that martyr amonge martyrs all, 
Of trust assured whylom betwene 
them twayne, 
Amphibalus for helpe began to call: 
"60 „O blessed Albon, that sufferdist 
great payne 
For Christis sake, of mercy not dis- 
To pray Jesu that lyst for vs to dye 
To sende his angels my iournay to 
That cruel Sathan trouble not my 
"Ö5 Nor that his malyce may clayme in 
me no ryght!“ 
By the martyr rehersed his langage, 
Come two angels from heuen with 
great lyght; 
This voyce eke herde in all the 
peoples syght — 
There as he stode bounden to a stake 
1170 Vpon the poynt to dye for goddes 
„O Amphibalus, after thy deuise, 
With thy disciple, glorious prince 
Thou shalte this day be in paradyse; 
Ryght in erthe as ye were both on<i, 
"75 With your triumphe ye shall to 
gether gone, 
wyce. 1x19) matier small. 1121) beth. 1123I rase. 1127) now fehlt. 113°) grounde. 1132) hastyff. 
"33) on. bounden. 1134) hym fehlt. 1135) kaliouns. 1139) no partie bowynge d. 1143) Saue the grace of 
god« exempt and Impossible. 1147) not st. neuer. 1155) purpull. 1159) gan. 1160) suffredest. 1161) nought. 
1x62) forto xi66) this st, his. 1167) Cam. 1169) l-bounden. 1172) the glorious. 1173) ben. n78)there
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