S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

Grace was guyde, and trouthe his pre- 
95° Fayth bare vp all, | charite was his 
, leche; 
His tonge enspired, the people for to 
His body fehle, | his membres impo 
Yet tonge and herte were of one assent. 
His herte stronge, stable as dya- 
mant — 
955 Fayth had of stele forged his ytnage, 
His hope in god was so perseuerant: 
Dispayre in hym myght haue none 
For his gracious influent langage 
And by myracles, in hym shewed than, 
960 That day to Christ was turned many 
a man. 
His doctrine fyxe in his (!) remem 
Most souerently than gantherindelyte, 
Let theyr ydols go vnto a mys 
Whiche myght them nother helpe nor 
965 God with his grace lyst them to visile; 
Of one assent | gan them redy to make 
After his counsell the fayth of Christ 
to take. 
They were compuncte and maden 
theyr prayer 
With repentance and voyce most la 
970 To graunt them parte of that he suf 
fered there 
Touchyng his passyon greuous and 
In that ioye | whiche is perdurable, 
Touchyng the syghtes that they had 
Therof by grace to put them in cer- 
975 Lyke as theyr trust and theyr per- 
fyte beleue 
Was in Jesu of herte, thought anddede, 
With hole affection, that it shall them 
not greue 
For Christes sake theyr blode in hast 
to blede; 
They stode so hole, hauyng of deth 
no drede, 
980 In theyr opinion our fayth to mag- 
That they dispised all ydolatrye. 
Theyr prince and iuge the whyle in 
presence stode 
Lyke a man fall in to a franesye, 
Voydeof reason, and as a tyrant wode 
985 Commaunded all his turmentours to 
Without exception of lowe or hygh 
To kyll and sleye — and no mercy 
take — 
That haue theyr goddes of dispite 
They preased in, the martyr to en- 
99° Lyke gredy wolfes or tygrys of assent, 
They slough that day a thousande 
full in nombre, 
For to obeye his fell commandement; 
Amphibalus beinge ther present, 
Whiche in spirite besyly gan entende 
995 To Christ Jesu theyr soules to com- 
A cruell paynem, stoute, indurate 
and bolde, 
Spake to the martyr of hatefull cruelte: 
„Whiche of the citieothcrnewe oroide 
In any wyse hath trespased agayne the 
1000 Whiche hast caused theyrgreataduer- 
These innocent people in so shorte 
a whyle 
With thy traynes and sleyghtes to 
begyle ? 
Our statutes and lawes thou hast 
By occasyon of thy parlous langage, 
1005 And our citie most cruelly spoyled 
961 his st. her. 962 than st. they. 989 I. martyrs. 994 Ed. sptrite. 
962) thei st. than, 963) gon. 970) here. 973) seyn. 974) certeyne. 982) the fehlt. 983) frenesye. 984) a fehlt. 
985) comaundeth. 986) of high or low. 987) To sleen, (kyll and fehlt). 989) martyres’ 990) of one. 
994) gan bysily. 998) What of this c. outlier of new or of o. 1001) her st. these. 1004) bi the, 1005) despised
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