S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

Vpon the maister abydyng of Albon 
600 We l'ounde eke gethered a great com 
And of Pectis we dyd also espie, 
With waisemen, of newe that were 
And conuerted vnto christen lawe 
By thylke clerke that all these thyn- 
ges wrought: 
605 From whom they wolde departe in no 
Amonge all | our kynredoutwesought, 
Toke them aparte | and with full 
frendly chere, 
With fayre speche, requestes and pray- 
Maynte with manassis 1 and softnesse 
of langage, 
610 From that doctryne to reuoke theyr 
But euer they stode in suche oh 
On hym abydyng eche houre and 
By theyr answere rather for to dye 
All of accorde and echeone of assent; 
<>>5 Lyst in no wyse folowe our entent. 
Whan we myght not our purpose recure, 
We lefte our trqtes and toke our ar 
Of whiche they were not astonyed 
nor aferde, 
For Christis sake | eche redyer than 
620 Who myght fyrst renne vnder the 
In theyr metyng brother slayne of 
brother — 
There was suche prese it myght be 
non other; 
For Christis sake echon were fayne 
For a prerogatyue | who myght fyrst 
he slayne. 
fcs Vpon the sonne, | whiche was the 
father heyre, 
The father shewed most cruell vio 
lence — 
684 Ed. aboute. 653 O st. Of. 
orugh. 597) out fehlt, thei that. 
nott. 625) fadres eyer. 627) ne. 
647) previd. 648) aboue. 649) myn. 
Whiche in nature was nother good 
nor fayre; 
The sonne also, voyde of all beneuo- 
To his father dyd no maner of reue- 
rence; — 
630 There was no mercy, | but marciall 
Without exception of olde or yonge 
of age. 
Pacience was captayne in the felde 
0/ them that suffered deth for Christis 
Theyr spere was hope; 1 mekenes was 
theyr shelde; — 
635 Other defence they lyst not for to make 
In thylke quarell | whichetheyhad take, 
Lyst not departe tyll spent was theyr 
Whiche on the playn ran large as a 
The lorde that sytteth aboue the 
sterres clere 
640 Saugh and behelde the great pacience 
Of his knyghtes, ] whose blode lyke 
a ryuere 
Ran in the felde by mortall violence: 
Whom to comforte,ofhis magnificence, 
The heuen all open to shewe his great 
645 Sayd vnto them that blessed lorde Jesu: 
„„Cometh vp to me, my knyghtes 
most entere, 
Proued in batayle ryght victorious, 
Assendeth vp aboue the sterres clere! 
My gate is open and redy is my house 
65° Agayne your comyng, most ryche and 
With tryumphe that neuershalldisseuer, 
And with a palme that shall lasten euer, 
O Paradyse | o chosen citezyns, 
Foryournotable tryumphall prowesse, 
655 Makyng your clayme as very denzyns 
There to abyde your knyghtly no- 
To spende your blode | was shewed 
no scarsenesse, 
601) Pictes. 603) to the. 614) ychone. 613) folowen. 616) oure purpose 
635) lust. 638) ranne like a large floode. 644) is st. his. 466) entier. 
651) with the. 653) chose. 655) deynrenncs. 622) hath yeue. pos-
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