S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH II 1.1 
Them to refresshe layser they haue 
founde, — 
Whyles Amphibalus lay in his feters 
415 The turmentours refreshed at thebest, 
As I haue tolde, after theyr werynesse. 
The holy martyr myght haue no pece 
nor rest, 
Bounden in chaynes by full great duresse; 
420 Maugre paynyms, whan he a layser 
To his most foone the worde of god 
he taught. 
This meane whyle ft all this thyng 
was wrought 
As ye haue herde, come tydyng to 
the towne 
Howe Amphibalus was to the citie 
425 Maister vnto Albon, ■ as made is mention. 
At whose entrynge great people there 
come downe, 
Thought in them seife all theyr 
By his comyng was turned into gladnes; 
Dempte amonge them bothe one 
and all 
430 The matyre had standyng other wyse; 
Howe Amphibalus from Christis fayth 
was fall, 
Of that lawe lefte all his olde emprise, 
Come to theyr goddes to do sacrifice, 
All theyr frendes with them were 
435 Of whom toforne they dispayred. 
The beastiall folke supposed in 
Howe all the people thatwent by assent 
To Amphibalus, were come home 
By force ofthem jthatwereforthem sent. 
440 But they fayled foule in theyr entent: 
For through the towne the noyse 
went anone:— 
Lyke as it was — | howe they were 
deed euerychone. 
434 them st. him. 442 Ed. wss. 443 fayth 
Agayne Christis (fayth) of malyce set 
Homecyded (!) turmentoures that dyd 
this cruell dede, 
445 Whiche fyll vpon them in theyr cruell ire, 
Tho that made the martyrs for to blede, 
Of indignation and of great hatered: 
The seife same made relation 
Of theyr slaughter through verolamy 
450 The fathers wepte with sorowfull 
syghes great 
Whan they herde theyr sonnes were 
Pytous mothers theyr sobbyng can 
not let — 
Whose watrye eien with wepyng made 
Through the citie bothe in lengthe 
and brede 
455 Wydowes, raaydens ran with theyr 
here to-torne, 
Thatso sodenly haue they r frendeslorne. 
Suche pitous wepyng, I trowe, not 
ther was 
At the brennyng of the famous Ilyon 
In Troye, whan the stede of brasse 
460 Was by sleyght compassed of Synon; 
For through euery strete of Verolamy 
This novse was herde deedly and 
Lyke as men synge at feastes funerall. 
In theyr most wofull lamentation 
465 They said amonge them, with hygh 
and low estate; 
„The tymeis come of our destruction! 
Cite ofcitezyns forsake and desolate! 
Mostoutragyous and most disconsolate 
Tobe noted; of furyous, fell hatered 
470 Blöde agayn blode so felly to precede! 
For our defence we haue nowe none 
Folke infortunate by deuision; 
We shall from hensforth be called 
the refuge (!), 
As folke abiecte, of euery nacion; 
fehlt. 473 I. refuse. 477 1. to shewe our face. 
413) leyser. 414) while, fethers. 415) att best. 416) theyr fehlt. 417) ne. 426) cam. 428) vnto. 430) mater, 
stonden. 433) Came. 434) with him. repeyred. 435) stodedispeyred. 438)comyn. 443)Cristis feith.^on fyre. 
444) homycides. 446) Thei. 447) of nach and fehlt. 449) the towne. 456) thei haue. 458) At brynnynge.
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