S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

(BUCH Ul.) 
The people slayne of theyr allyance 
By theyr owne furyous gouernance , 
35° For they them seife, lyke folke that 
were wode, 
The slaugter made vpon theyr owne 
Lokyng behinde fyrstwhä they toke 
hede & heheld 
There owne brethern, cosyns and 
By theyr handes lay slayne in the felde; 
355 They gan to wepe 1 to se theyr woun- 
des blede. 
This same tyme, or they toke any hede, 
They founde a man that lay lanquis- 
Vpon the felde, moste pitous com- 
P le Ynyng. 
This syke man with a full deadly face— 
360 For great constreynt of his malady — 
Sawe Amphibalus forby shulde passe; 
With deadly voyce gan to hvm crye: 
„Seruant of god, do me socour, orldye! 
For Jesu sake lowly I the requere 
365 To helpe his seruant that lyeth in 
myschefe here! 
For by the callyng of his holy name 
Ihauesuche trust in Christ Jesu andthe: 
Though I lye here impotent and lame, 
By thy merytes thou mayst helpe me 
37° To be made hole of this infyrmyte“ — 
Maugre paynyms | that can about hym 
Of this clamour wolde not he sece, 
In his prayer he doth alway con 
tinue — 
Suche fayth he had in his opinion. 
375 Paynyms sawe he was importune 
And so stable in his action, 
Hadden in disdeyne and in derysion 
His great noyse. |butmagreher felnessc 
He arose vp hole ofall his olde sykenesse. 
380 This seke man that lay bounde in 
Of olde sykenesse, greuous and im 
339 I. stony. 382 lay st. led. 
343) when that. 350) folkes. 352) 
355) seen. 358) grounde st. felde. 
375) saugh how. 376) affeccioune. 382) lad. 
oute. 400) so fehlt. 402) desyrede. her st. your. 
By Amphibalus, lay bounde inachayne, 
Was made all hole | and of his lymmes 
stable. — 
This can the lorde, whiche is most 
385 Of syke folkes here theyr complayntes 
And worche myracles for his holy 
sayntes. — 
This myracle gracious and vnkouth 
Fyrstof this man releuedof his syke 
nesse — 
The deth of the martyrs gan sprynge 
northe and southe, 
39° Of theyr wylfull sufferance with me- 
Homwarde agayne paynyms gan them 
dresse; — 
But thismyracle whan they dyd auerte, 
Thev were greatly astonyed in theyr 
Amonge them seife they brake (out) 
395 Though they toChristwerecontraryous, 
Of this myracle. wrought sodcnly 
Thev spared not playnly to say thus: 
,,The god of christen is great and 
Great is his vertue — the deed beareth 
wytnesse — 
400 To heale a mansosonein hissykenes.“ 
As they tolde erst, | paynyms at last 
Wondcrdesyrous towardeyour contre, 
They rode armed and began to hye fast, 
And sped them so that they myght se 
405 The crested walles of theyr citie. 
As they thought that tyme for the best 
After labour a whyle for to rest — 
They were oppressed with hunger 
and with thurst; 
Forthat tyme lystno forther fortoryde, 
410 And eche one of them folowyng theyr 
owne lust 
Chose his grounde, a certayne home (!) 
to abyde; 
Their shelde, theyr speres set them 
downe a syde; 
339 I. stony. 382 lay st. led. 373 1. contune. 402 your st. her. 401 they st. I. 411 home st. tyme. 
toke hede durchstrichen, beheld nebengeschr. 353) cosens. 354) lyen. 
pleynynge. 364) Jhesus. the fehlt. 367) Jhesu Crist. 371) gan. 
385) folk. 389) these st. the. 392) aduerte. 394) brak 
403) high hem 410) one fehlt. 412) be-syde.
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