S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

IBUCH lll.J 
Thou hast them brought in full great 
Be so besy agayne with faythfull 
Them to counsell to fall in repentance! 
Gyfe them counsell and make them 
to assent 
110 With herte and body no daunger for 
to make 
To axe mercy and sore repent, 
Or sodeyn vengeance be on them take 
Of that they haue our goddes forsake! 
Forthis no double; but it be done indede, 
225 We shall agayne them vengeably pre 
For ifthey Stande in theyr fyrst errour 
As they began, frowarde andobstynate, 
They shall of mercy fynde no fauour, 
Without exception of high or lowe 
230 But lyke as people most infortunate 
Dye vpon the sworde — take this for 
full sentence — 
As is concluded by marcyall violence.“ 
Yet there was one, supprised with 
Of Christis lawe stedfast in the fayth, 
23s Whiche had bothe connyng and elo 
And forhismaister holy wryt he laythe; 
To thylke paynymeuenthus he saythe; 
„Our lorde god | whiche called is Jesu, 
Shall be this day our refuge and vertue 
240 And our chefe helpe in tribulation — 
Whiche shall percase shewe some 
By his most myghty domination 
Therfore(!) these folke, an vnkouth spec 
That there-ayen shalbe none obstacle; 
245 Through goddes myght and mercyfull 
Some man to faue of his sodeyn 
Our maister here whom that ye 
In Christis name, to shewe an euidence, 
243 1. Tofore. 246 Ed. lame. 257 Ed. not. st. 
From all mys-chefe some syke man 
to releue 
250 Whiche lyeth outraged by mortall 
But, to declare the magnyfycence 
Of Christe Jesu, anone without more 
To helth agayne suche one he shall 
Not incouert, but in your alther sy ght, — 
255 We haue suche trust in his parfynesse. 
Fro whose doctryne, as we hauebehyght, 
We shall not chaunge for deth nor 
Without faynyng or any doublenesse 
Yourcounsellyng in Christis holy name 
260 Folowe his teachyng and to do the 
Ye threte fast to maken vs aferde: 
But god alone he is our defence; 
Jesu is stronge agayne spere and swerde: 
Vnder whose pauiseofparfyte pacience 
265 We shall abyde; concludyng in sen 
We forsake all false ydolatrye 
And for Christis sake redy for to dye. 
Fauour of blode nor none allyaunce, 
Cherysshyng of treasure nor promyse 
of kynred, 
270 Experte kynred nor none acqueyntance, 
Fayre behestes, | manaces nor hate- 
red, — 
All set asyde, both loue and drede, 
The fayth of Christ of hole herte we 
haue take, 
All false ydols and mawmettes we 
275 Of this answere the paynyms almost 
Lyke tygrys fell, 1 vengeable as lyons 
Of innocentes to shede the christen 
With sharpe swerdes lyke rauenous 
They kyll and flee of all conditions, 
280 As hongry wolfes in theyr beastiall rage, 
Whithout exception of olde or yonge 
of age. 
)r. 259 1. you. 
saunce. 213) rigoure. 214) this. 221) aske. to repente. 222) vpon. 224) ther is st. this (Lydg. this), do. 
237) thyk. 241) parcas. 243) Tofore this. 246) to sauf«. 254) all-theire. 257) or st. not (st. nor). 
264) paveyce. 269) kinderede. 279) slayne. 286) thei wer. 287) nor of. 292—93) Nor blode of blode
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