S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH 11.1 
Boistous handes, | they feie nothyng, 
>400 Theyr armes longe they make no 
With theyr defe eares may haue none 
What thynge is worse than yeue 
the souerevnte 
Of your handwarke to forge fals 
Defe, blynde and dombe; | vnto whose 
■405 Though ye call ay afforne theyr 
They knowe no-thyng thentent of 
your langages; 
Of all fyue wyttes they be so de- 
fectyfe — 
What causeth this | but lacke of soule 
and lyfe? 
For ho we myght he verrayle in dede 
Mio Without felyng of ioye or heuynes 
Restore to lyfe folkes that ben deed 
Or make them hole that playne of 
theyr sykenes? 
For all distresse, disceyte or doublenes 
Ofworldelymyscheues, soughton eche 
>415 Was fyrst brought in by false ydola- 
A man thaf hath memory of reason, 
Whom god hath made lyke to his 
Is foule blent in his discretion 
To fals ydols to knele or do homage. 
1420 Wo be to them, ruyne and damage, 
Trouble, myschyefe vnto one and all 
To suche mawmettry that for helpe 
Whan the paynyms herde and 
That they myght not remoue his 
1423) I. forged. 1428) tilge and. 1434) of st. 
l 435 From Christ Jesu that dyed vpon 
the rode, 
For fayre nor foule, | for fauour nor 
To do by theyr counsell: and all of 
one sentence 
A place assigned, lyke theyr opinion, 
Shulde at Holmehurst suffre his 
1430 In theyr opinion by controuersye 
Stode at debate, as they were applyed 
What maner deth Albon shulde dye 
Whiche hath theyr goddes and theyr 
secte denyed; 
Some of a crosse wolde haue hym 
1435 Other there were, | that dyd in malice 
Wolde haue hym quicke karued in 
his graue, 
Some also, aforne or he were deed, 
Of false enuie and furyous wodenes 
Wolde haue his eien out of his heed: 
1440 That he shulde in myschefe of 
All desolate and abiecte in darkenes 
Folowe his maister with his eien 
Of auenture tyll he myght hym fynde; 
Echeon concludyng that he shall 
be deed. 
■445 And fynally thus was theyr iugement: 
Lad to Holmehurst there smyte of 
his heed — 
The cruell iuges with paynyms of 
Lyke a lambe ) monges wolfes all 
Towarde his detheand pitouspassyon 
1450 In cheynes bounde led hym through 
the towne, 
No fauour shewed, lettyng nor ob 
on. 1447) I. iuge. 
1390) wanhope st. manhode. apeyred. 1394) nothe haue wit ne. 1395) benprevid. 1396) belli. 1398) mow. 
1400) may make, defence. 1401) yefe st. haue. 1403) forged mit iibschr. d. 1405) tofore. 1406) langage. 
1409) verrely. 1413) For all disseite trouble and. 1414) wordly. in. 1420) rewyne, 1424) remewe- 
1426) fauowre ne. 1427) 00. 1429) Holmeherst. his fehlt. 1432) of deth, 1434) on st of. 1435) were«« 
which, 1436) buriede st karued. 1437) or fehlt. 1438) and;fehlt. 1440) and st. of. 1442) is eyn, 1444) shulde. 
1445) this. 1446) ladde vnto H. and ther to s. 1447) iuge. 1448) amonge. 1450) ladde. 1454) cam
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