S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

And but there (be) done great exe 
■165 By hygh aduise of all the hole empire, 
To punysshe all tho, from false re- 
Whiche to destroye your goddes so 
With whiche letters the emperour 
set a fyre, 
Abode no lenger, | but hastyly gan 
ii 7° To sende his felowe downe into Bry- 
And in great hast — the story telleth 
expresse — 
Dioclesyan hath sent a great power 
With Maxymyan, called Herculesse, 
Into Braytayne, to serche out the 
i>75 Wher that anv were founde farre 
or nere 
OfChrist is fayth,tosleyne euerychone 
Without mercy, | except only Albon; 
His lyfe to saue by a condition: 
If to theyr sectes he wolde agayne 
restore (!), 
ii8o From Christis loorej turne his opinion, 
Of theyr goddes [ the sta(t)utes to sup 
To Dioclesyan that they may report 
Howe that Albondoth hym sore repent 
To Christis fayth | that he dyd assent. 
"85 Made hym promyse ) so that he 
wolde turnen 
To theyr idols, | with fayned fay re 
Amonge with thretninges they dayly 
him adiuren, 
To peruerte his herte and his corage. 
But euer ylyche of chere and of visage 
1190 Betwen fyre & water, 1 now harde 
From his Constance they myght hym 
neuer bryng. 
Lyke a stronge towre bylte on a 
Toke none hede of theyr monitions, 
Stode in our fayth so stable and so 
"95 Theyr ryche promysse of castels and 
of towns 
With many lordshyps in dyuers 
He set at nought, | by grace and by 
His grounde to stable he abode in 
Christ Jesue. 
Than by precepte of Dioclesyan — 
1200 If he not chaunge for fayrenes nor 
for drede. 
The charge was yeuen to Maxymyan 
Bv iugement and dome to taken hede, 
To assigne a knyght to smyten of 
his hede; 
Suche one as had in knyghthode 
hygh renoune, 
1205 Shulde on this prince done exe- 
This was so commaunded by sentence 
Of the emperour that Amphibalus, 
If he were take, by notable violence 
Without mercy shulde be serued thus, 
1210 By iugement cruell and furyous: 
Made naked fyrst and to a stake 
At his nauyll made a large wounde — 
He compelled amonge the cruell 
route — 
At the nauyll his bowels to be take 
"15 And his guttes serched rounde aboute, 
Lyke a longe rope tyed to a stake, 
And of his lyfe so an ende (to) make, 
And at laste voyde of all pytye 
Smyte of his heed, by furyous cruelty. 
1220 This was the dome touchyng the 
Of blessed Albon and Amphibalus, 
Falsely concluded in the iugementes 
1164) but st. bad. be fehlt. 1179) restore st. resorte. 1182) Ed. stautes. 
to w. 1156) an. 1157) But for. and kynde fehlt. 1161) And st. that. 1164) be done, great fehlt. 1165) avice. 
1169) in all hast. 1171) thus st. expresse. 1173) hercules. 1174) manere. 1176) sleen. 1179) sect, resorte. 
n8o)law. 1181)statutes. 1882) he st. they. 1183) sore him. 1184) that euer. 1185)tornyn«. n86)ydolles. 1189)liehe, 
of nach and fehlt. 1193—4 umgesetzt, victorious st. so certayne, v. a. H. (urspr. Lücke). 1193) monycions 
(certeyne, v. a. H. zugesetzt). 1195) and townes. 1198) so st. to. he fehlt. 1200) ne. 1203) smyte. hedde. 
1204) that st. as. 1211) stoke. 1212) And at. 1216) teyde vnto. 1217) to make. i2i9Smvten. 1222) theire 1223) mvn. 
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