S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH 11.) 
595 Knewe not theyr lorde, | hut as folke 
For his goodnes ! were to hym contrary. 
Mercyfull Jesu, gayn deth to stynte 
our stryfe, 
Lyst suffre deth, | from deth to make 
vs free, 
Venquisshed deth | with deth to brynge 
in lyfe, 
600 Whan lyfe was slayne an high vpon 
a tree; 
Forbode frute | brought immortalyte(!), 
By a rounde aple was caused all this 
By frute refourmed | that henge vpon 
the crosse." 
„Let me, I praye you, haue veray 
By your discrete faythfull diligence, 
As ye that ben experte in many a thyng, 
601 1. in mortalite. 
597) ageyne. 601) in Mortalite. 6o3) honge. 
Adam ete fruite feire, fressh and delicate, 
Wherby cam yn the venemous serpentyne, 
Which made god with man first at debate; 
But ther-ageyne the hevenly fruyte devyne 
Which that sprang oute of a pure virgyne, 
This fruyte of fruytes, cure chef repast and fode, 
Gate the trumphe of deth vpon the Roode; 
This blessid fruyte Jhe«u, to stynt cure peyne, 
Outeraged deth furst with his passioune, 
He slough Sathan and bounde him in a cheyne, 
Brak the yatis of the Infernall doungeon, 
And his sermmntes that layn in prisoune 
Of his Imperial! power most entier 
He ladde hem vp aboue the sterres clere. 
This with the price of his precious blode 
And by his deth of deth he gat the victorie, 
On good friday hongyng on the Roode; 
Hrough to hym, as the gospell maketh memorie, 
To hell he went to bryng Adam to glorie 
FTe from all mischef of the Infernall boundes 
Bi the Conquest of his precious woundes: 
Came fro Edom and his banner spredde, 
Clothid in purpull as Champioune and kyng, 
Shet vp Sathan among the fiawmes redde, 
Made Serberus to levyn his berkyng, 
And with his soote melodious syngyng 
As Orpheus fett Ereudes his wiff, 
So he fro deth restorid man to lyff. 
Thus hath this lambe slayn the lyoune, 
Outeraged the wolfe the Shepe with his mekcnesse, 
Oure Olefaunte venquesshed the Dragoone, 
Olifernus dede with ludithis chast clennesse, 
And crist Jhmi our Hercules in prowes 
Kavisshed hath this Champioune most prudent 
The apples of gold a-wey fro the serpent. 
verry knowleche. 609) thes. 614) That this. 
What obseruaunce, | what due reuc- 
Vnto the father and his magnificence. 
To the holy goost, | tell on fyrste of 
those two, 
610 And to the sonne | what seruice shall 
I do?" 
Whan Amphabell gan playnely to 
His faythfull as kyng with all humylyte, 
Gan reioyse in many sondry wyse: 
This Albon, where as he stode free, 
6x5 Was godly moued toaske of these thre; 
By god enspired, conceyued of reason, 
Only of grace came this question. 
Thanked god 1 and goodly gan hym 
To comforte the tre^ve affection 
620 Of blessed Albon | and, truely to er 
Nach 603 hat Ms. Cbr. folgende 10 Strophen mehr; 
This golden apple by a symililude. 
Which surmountyd in beaute and Riches, 
Bi resemblaunce pleynly to conclude. 
Was mannes sowie bounden in distresse 
Bi a falce Dragon, till Crist thorough his mekenesse 
And bi his sulfraunce made him to go free 
From all daunger of Infernall poustee. 
The soule of man, cristes spouse entier, 
Most acceptable in lordis sight, 
With cristis blode for it was bought so dere, 
Is of more price than golde that shyneth bright. 
And in your dreme so as ye saugh this Night, 
To saue man Crist suffred woundes fell; 
So bi his passioune Sathan lieth bounde in hell." 
Amphibalus bad him take hede here-too, 
All thes wordys emprynte hem in his mynde. 
„Certis, quod Alboon, of hert so I doo, 
Ther shall no woord therof be lefte behynde; 
I saugh my-self — my eyen were nott blynde — 
How Cryst Jhesu with his most myghti honde 
Depe in hell how he the Serpent bounde; 
And bi full clere notable euydence, 
Like as ye seyn, accordyng to my dreme, 
I saugh all thyng in experience 
Bright in effect as is the sonne beme 
That cast his stremys ouer many a Realme; 
Right so I know by tokenes old and newe 
All that ye tell how it is verry trewe. 
Makyng promisse with feithful! obseruaunce: 
Sey what ye lust, I shall yeve audience, 
To your techyng feith and attendaunce 
With hert, body, mynde, and full credence. 
As your disciple vndre obedience, 
That i sey nowe, be it seid for euer, 
Fro your doctryne neuer for to disseuer. 
615) mevide to askyn 624) att ese. 627) Be.
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