S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

1 sawe this thyng and knevve it well 
535 By a maner vncouth apparence — 
The garmentes whytter than mylke 
or snowe 
Of all thangels thatdyd hymreuerence. 
This was theyr songe and refret in 
Blessed be the father, 1 blessed mote 
he be, 
540 The sonne eke blessed in his huma- 
These vncouth tydynges I sawe them 
in my slepe, 
And many other thynges mo withall, 
Secrete thynges — I toke of them good 
kepe — 
Not to be shewed to no man mortall”— 
545 And he tolde vnto Amphibell all, 
Whan he a woke, in full humble entent 
Besechyng hym to declare what it menu 
Whiche thynges to here greatly was 
Within hym-selfe, of spiritual! gladnes, 
550 Saw that his herte was of god visited; 
And full deuoutly a crosse he gan 
forth dresse, 
,,Lo here, quod he, | this token beareth 
Of all the signes, clere as the sonne 
That were vnto you shewed in your 
555 The man whiche to you dyd appere, 
Sent'from heuen, sofayre and glorious, 
He was the same, as I shall you lere, 
My blessed lorde, [ myn owne lorde 
Christ Jesus, 
Mostbenyng, 1 moste meke | and most 
560 Whiche on a crosse suffred passion — 
As ye sawe clerely in your auision — 
Only by mercyby his gratious aduise 
Of the trespas to make redemption 
Touchyngthe aple | whiche in paradise 
565 Adam ate of, by false suggestion 
Of a serpent, to great confusion 
Fyrst of hym-selfe, | nexte of all his 
Tyll Christis passyon 1 that was our 
Agayne Adam the serpent was so 
570 To staunche his venym was founde 
none obstacle, 
Tyll on the crosse Christ Jesu spende 
his blode, 
A medycyne, | bawme | and chyefe tri 
Lycour of lycours, ! dystyllyng by my- 
From the cundytes of Christis woun- 
des fyue 
575 Man to restore ayen from deth to lyue. 
Whose blessed passyon is our restaura 
Helth and diffence of moste excellence, 
To asswage the bolynge of our mor 
tall stryfe, 
Bawme imperyall agaynst fendes vio 
580 The phylosophre celestiall queynt es 
To all welfare mankynde to restore, 
Helpeth all sykenesses | whan leches 
can no more, 
Our leche, | ourypocras, | ourgostely 
Our samson called that venquisshed 
the lyon, 
585 Our myghty chapyon, the famous 
stroge Achilles(!) 
That bare vp heuen for our saluation, 
Hye on the crosse makyngourraunson; 
He that ye sawe, was the same man, 
In your auision, that ouercame Sathan. 
590 The multytude that abou(t)e hym 
Were false iewes, | his deth imma 
Of cursed malyce, | nayled hym to the 
Lyst not receyue his gratious comyng, 
Of theyr prophetes refused the wrytyng, 
539) be fehlt, and blessid. 548) thyngc. 556) fro, 558) My lorde blesside he be myn. Christ 
fehlt. 562 and by. avise. 565) ete. 568) ourc chef m. 572) trade. 574 Fro the conduytes. 576) resto- 
ratyfle. 577) defence. 578) bulynge. 579) ageyne. 580) philosophres. 583) oure Galien oure 
gostly Ypocars. 585) Atchelles. (1. Atlas.) 590) aboute.
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