Die Gruppe der Chaetopterides unter den Polypodiaceen. Von Max Kuhn

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

By her merytes that were to her re 
As I sayde erst,by a prerogatyue 
She amonge women was mayden, 
mother, & wyfe; 
To god a mayde to fulfyll his wyll, 
=9° And to the lorde a seruant by mekenes, 
Doughter & mother, | & eke faythfull 
ancyll; — 
Whiche to remembre hath brought 
gostly gladnes 
Of all welfare] ourdaungers to represse, 
Afonie by recorde of prophetes in 
295 Vs to defende agayne all mortal! 
For whiche, dere host, sith it may 
To my doctrineyeueth hartily credence! 
God hath me sent to teache you and 
So that ye lust with humble diligence 
300 Become his knyght and do hym re- 
Obeye his lawe & his preceptes all, 
Taketh good hede to you what shall 
His fayth to you shall gyue so great 
That blynde folke ye shall make for 
to see 
305 By inuocation only of Christe Jesu, 
Delyuer the people from all aduersite, 
Leprous folke ] and tho that lame be 
To be made dene | and make them 
go vpryght, 
And euery sykenes recouer thrugh 
his myght; 
3>o Ye shall escape by his prouydence 
All myscheuesto you that ben contrary, 
l.yue longe tyme, ] go free from pes 
From Christis fayth ] if that ye wyll 
not vary; 
To graunt your askynge the lorde 
shall not tary. 
331 Ed. Thas. I, as ye. 
315 But at last or ye hens wende, 
By martyrdomeye shallmake an ende; 
By martyrdome yeshall ende your lyfe 
And blessedly from this worlde shall 
Out of all trouble and transitory stryfe 
320 Whiche day by day 1 doth you here 
Thrugh Christis myght and influence 
of grace 
Ye shall to god | to your great auantage 
By meke suffrauncemake yourpassage. 
This was chefe cause and grounde of 
my comyng, 
325 Sent by Jesu vnto this towne 
As a bedyll to brynge you tydyng 
Howe by his myghty visitation 
Ye shall endure payne and passyon 
For Christis fayth in his moste pacient 
330 As knyght and martyr chosen to his 
That is his wyll, yeshall fyndeindede, 
To recompence the great humanyte 
Whiche ye haue vsed of fredome and 
To indigentfolkeand people in pouerte, 
335 And specially for hospitalite, 
With other dedes in nombre called 
Dedes of mercy, registred nowe in 
To fede the pore ] whiche had no 
And to viset folkes in prison, 
340 Receyue them that herburgh dyd fayle, 
Bedred folkes that lay in mischiefe 
Comforte the syke, mynystre them 
Parte with them of that they had nede, 
And bury them that laye in myschefe 
345 To his seruantes | & all that ye haue 
Cronycled ben in the heuenlyconsistory, 
288) women. 290) a fehlt. 293) redresse. 294) And forne-recordyd by. 296) cost. 297) hertly. 
304) That ye shall make blynde folke to see. 305. Bi the. 307) liprous. thei. 311) whiche be to yow. 
313) yf ye that nott varie. 317) ende, shall. 318) fro. 325) in to. 326) bidden. 329) his fehlt. 
331) as ye. 333) manhode. 340) harborough. 341) Bi dredde folke (!).
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