S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

For frende nor foo declyned not fro 
The good hym loued for his benignite, 
The ryche drad hym, | on the pore 
he had reuth; 
9° Wronges to redresse there was in hym 
no sloufh; 
In his domes stedfast as a wall, 
Not singuler founde nor yet parciall; 
N ature taught hym all vices for to flee; 
Lyke the lawes | to whiche he was 
95 A chastiser of all dishoneste; 
Gate neuer dome tyll trouthe were 
out founde; 
Nother to heuy | nother to iocounde, 
But as tyme and mater gaue hym 
So was demened his disposition. 
100 He had also of his acqueyntance 
Foure vertues called Cardynall: 
The reine of his bry dell led temperance, 
Ryghtwysenes with mercy ruled all, 
Trouthe to defende, | and manhod 
I0 s By force also through hygh prowes 
Spared not to chastise all falsenes. 
He coude appese folke that lyste 
Refourme all rancour where he coude 
it espye, 
Lyke a prince knyghtly he dyd hate 
110 Suche as coulde falsely forge and lye, 
Stopped his eares from all flaterye, 
To foren quarelles lyst yeue no credence 
Tyll the partie come vnto audience; 
Enuious sclaunder he punyswed 
“s Cöpassed ofmalyce, hatred and diftame, 
To double tonges euer he was enmye 
Whiche to say yuell of custome haue 
no shame, 
And backbyters that haue theyr lyppes 
To say well, | this prince y onge and olde 
«o Voyded all suche out of his house-holde; 
114 I. pnnyshed. 
By discretion he coulde punysshe 
and spare, 
His harte ay voyde of all duplicite; 
Large of custome | to naked folke and 
bare — 
His gate ay open for hospitalite. 
125 That, if his vertues shulde rekened be 
Here in this boke tolde from yonge age, 
I haue therto no connyng nor langage. 
Notwithstandyng, aslhaue behyght, 
I wyll precede, and not excuse me, 
>3° To declare howe gode sawe to his 
knyght, — 
The tymerehersed, | the datealso parde 
Whan Amphibalus entred the citie 
Qf Verolamy, tolde eke the occasion 
Howe he and Albon met in the town. 
J 35 Amphibalus entred the citie 
Of auenture to seke herburgage; 
By the stretes vp and downe wente he 
Lyke a pylgryme of chere and visage: 
Tyll it fell so he met in passage 
mo The noble prince, playnely to conclude, 
Blessed Albon, with a great multytude. 
This myghty prince by great fortune, 
After custome vsed that tyme of olde, 
Amyd the citie walked in his estate, 
ms In a garment frenged all with gotde. 
Amphibalus vertuously made bolde, 
with humble chere and meke visage 
Besought hym lowly to graunt hym 
For whan that he on Albon cast his 
150 And hym behelde with euery circum 
By longe auyse of hym good hede 
he toke; 
It fell anone into his remembrance 
Full yore agone of his acqueyntance, 
Howe they in one of fortune dyd assent 
ms Out of Brytayn | and vnto Rome went. 
For gods sake this Amphibalus 
Of herborgage can lowly hym require, 
To be receyued and take in to his hous. 
Albon anone, as the story doth vs lere, 
87) ne. 89) power. 90) wrongc, 92) ne, yet fehlt. 94) which that. 97) neuer, neuer. 
98) but fehlt. 102) attemperaunce. 105) his si. hygh. 98 old st. all. no) coude. 112) quarell. 
J1 3) came, 114) rygouresly. 117) seyn. 122) hert. 135) enterynge. 142) by grace fortunate. 
M4) walkynge. 149) that fehlt, had cast. 156) goddis. 157) gan. 158) taken.
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