S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH I.] 
To whose worshyp first I vndertoke 
The translation of this lyttell holte, 
At the request and vertuousbyddyng 
Of my father, thabbot of that place, 
885 A clerke noble, perfyte of lyuyng, 
Hauyng in custome euery houre and 
space — 
To auoyde slouth and vertue to pur- 
chace — 
Lyke any Ample all seasons of the yere 
To gadergrayneand stuffen his garner; 
89° By whose notable compylations 
Illumyned is not only his gaye library, 
By also full diligent occupations 
Agaynstydienes, to all vertue contrary, 
Hat set in order, in his famous granery 
895 A boke compyled, rycher than golde 
in coffers: 
Lyues of poetes and prudent philo 
Of his name the Ethymologie 
Is sayd of an home or stede of whete — 
Of god prouyded doth clereiy signifie 
9°o Whete-glenes of the mouthe of tholde 
Grcyne, | frute 1 and floure with rhe- 
toriques swete 
Of philosophers, callyng to memory 
Of his labour the laureat repertory. 
And as I say de, by his cömaun- 
905 I toke vpon me this translation, 
First to compyle it in all my best entent 
His famous knyghthode and renowne; 
And nowe to tell of his conuersation 
To Christis lawe, I cast me for to 
910 Folowynge the storye his passyon to 
To precede, lyke as I am bounde, 
For to accomplysshe brefly in sub 
This lyttellboke, andcallittheseconde, 
Of his martyrdome and meke suf- 
915 And put aforne clereiy in remem- 
Howe Amphiball, as the crony cle sayth, 
Tourned Albon vnto Christis fayth. 
Eche of them (by recorde ofwrity nge) 
Was plainely without others remem- 
920 For Albon had lost the knowlegynge 
Of Amphabell | and all olde acquein- 
But by the meaneofgoddesordynaunce 
I wyll declare, | as I am bounde of det, 
In Verolamy ] to tell how they met, 
925 Plainly precede, | as I vndertoke, 
The residue to accomplysshe for his 
Make here an ende of the first boke. 
But now, forsothe, | my penne I fele 
Voideofallcolour] saueof letters blake 
93° In this processe my dulnesse to acquite 
The martirdome of Albon to endite. 
Here endeth the first boke | whiche treateth of the lyfe of Albon before he was 
conuerted to the fay the. 
898 Ed. am st. an. 900 Ed. gleues. 906 tilge it. 
884) Abbot (ohne the). 885) notable. 887) To wroth slought. 888) empte. 889) And gadre. 
891) gaye fehlt. 892) But by d. o. 893) agayne. 894) hath, granarie. 895) cofurs. 896) philoso- 
fours. 898) Seyde of an home or a st. 900) of the mouthe of that famous p. 904) And fehlt, tolde. 
907) and his. 919) oute of other r. 925) to procede. 1 furst. 928) in sothe. 930) for to acquitee. 906) it fehlt. 
931) forto endytee. Finis fehlt. Ms. Chr. schliesst; here endith the furst boke. And here begynnyth the 
Prologe of the Secunde boke of the Conuercioun and Conuertynge of the blessid Martyr seint Albon.
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