S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH I.] 
Mars in armes, 1 with Mercury eloquent 
6 95 Amonge Romaine knightes | rekened 
yonge & olde; 
For whiche the Emperour by great 
Of prouidence (toforne as I haue tolde) 
Before all other | Albon he hath 
On hym to awaite and abide day and 
700 Of his empire | as for moost worthy 
Whan Bassian had his leue take 
Of Dioclecian, | with knightes of Bri- 
The Emperour for Albons sake 
At theyr departyngelist nat for to faine 
7°s To make hem chere. 1 and after, in 
For his pleasaunce, | as saith the cro - 
F ully complete] Albon abodeseuen yere. 
This mean-while (myne author 
writeth thus) 
When this prince was come home in 
7«o Into his contree: A knight, Carauseus, 
Greatly disposed to kyll and blood 
to shede, 
Of the Romains gate licence (as I rede) 
And of the Cenate by great auctorite, 
To be made keper of the Brittisshe see. 
715 Bassianus by iust succession 
At his comyng-home to Britaine, | 
anon right 
Was crowned kynge of that region, 
His father dede, | a full notable knight, 
Called Seuerus,) whiche in the peoples 
720 Great fauour had. | but Bassian in 
that He 
(The story saith) reigned but a while: 
By Carauseus (of whome I tolde 
This Bassian was slaine traitrously; 
724 Ed. borne st. lorne. 
Ceptre and crowne this yonge prince 
hath lorne, 
725 Carauseus vsurpyng moost falsly 
To be crowned kynge of that party, 
Hauyng no title to the regally 
But a fals traine of murderand tiranny. 
On Bassian thus when he was awroke 
730 By intrusion the kyngdom vsurpynge, 
To the Romains had his othe broke 
And in Britaine toke vpon hym to 
be kynge, 
The Romaine tribute, the whiche was 
To themperour, j he falsly can deny; 
735 Graunted also within Albany 
To the pictes for to haue a dwel- 
lynge-place — 
The whiche now is called Scotlonde. 
And from Rome they bode no longer 
A Cenatour cam downe with mighty 
740 Called Allectus, ] the malice to with- 
Of Carauseus, with Romaine cham 
pions — 
Brought in nombre fully thre legions. 
This Carauseus — instory as I fynde— 
Whiche traitrously had murdred 
745 Slaine by Allectus, ] his name put out 
of mynde; 
Romaine knightes | with many a manly 
For to accomplisshe theyr purpose 
they began, 
Brought Britons thrugh theyr renowne 
Almoost by force vnto subiection. 
750 To theyr socour, | hopynge it shulde 
Against Romanies to make resistence, 
Asclcpeodot, | duke of Cornewaile, 
They chose of new | to Stande at 
697) yow st. haue. 698) To foie, holde st. withholde, 699) abide and wayte. 700) for the 
most worthiest. 701) I-take. 703) Alboones, 704 seyne. 70B) write. 711) sleen st. kyll. T 713) senate. 
714) kepar. 716) home-comynge, 718) fadre. 719) sight. 722) aforne, 723) traytourisly. 724) lorne. 
726) of st. in. 731) y-broke. 733) the which that. 734) gan. 737) is now callid. 738) fro. lengur. 
739) with a m. 747) complcssh. tho st. they. 749) to. 750) that it. 751) ageyne. 752) Asclepiodet.
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