S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH I.] 
His name worthy to be put in 
memory — 
He quit hym seife so like a manly 
Graunted to hym the price and the 
Thrugh his desert, | of very trouthe 
and right; 
«35 Called in Rome the lanterne and the light 
Of knightly prowes,' | and Phebus 
Thrugh all Italic, ) and day-sterre of 
Of blessed Albon | the armes in his 
Square on his shulders, by antiquitie: 
640 Of fyne asure, sothely, was the felde, 
Therin ofgolde depictewasa sautree — 
In whose story | at Leicester who list se, 
After his passion, [ as I affirme dare, 
In his cote-armour | kyng Offa sothely 
bare — 
645 Of whose mynster he after was foun 
As the Cronicle maketh mencion, 
A manly knight, | a noble gouernour; 
In his dayes 1 thrugh many a region 
His name sprad[andhishigh renownc; 
650 Vnder these armes, | as put is in 
In euery felde had alway the victory — 
A-forne prouided (I trow of yore 
By grace of god and heuenly influence 
And by the merite of the glorious 
saint Albon — 
65s Had in knighthood marciall excellence; 
And for to acquite hym, by vertuouse 
To this martir, | called saint Albon, 
Of that minster laid the first stoon, 
After whose hande | masons dyd 
wyrche — 
660 He bare the cost, | of great deuocion; 
The said armes he left vnto the chirche, 
This kyng Offa, | as made is mencion; 
And finally, | by myne opinion, 
By these armes | againe all that dothe 
them wrong 
665 With helpe of Albon they shall be 
made stronge. 
The felde of Asure betokeneth 
The Sautree [ lyke a crosse of saint 
The colour heuenly shall giue them 
By the holy crosse | force in our lorde 
670 From day to day [ to encreas all in 
The Prothomartir, | theyr patron saint 
Shall them defende fro theyr mortall 
foon. — 
After these iustes and famous tour- 
Fully accomplisshed, 1 tolde here in 
675 Bassian | disposed in his entent 
To awaite a tyme of intiere diligence 
Of the Emperourto aske goodly licence 
With the Barons I beyng in Rome towne 
Home to retourne to Brutes Albiowne. 
680 His request was graunted anon 
By Dioclecian, | made non exception, 
Saue onely thus: 1 he sayd that Albon 
Shall not departe by no condicion — 
To hym he had so great affection 
685 For high noblesse and semelynes 
alone — 
He shulde abyde [ and awaite on his 
persone — 
To Albon I egall in fayrnes 
With Dioclecian, | non so great as he, 
Of manly force and hardynes, 
690 Famouse in knighthode 1 like Judas 
As Scipion 1 of prudent aduyse was he, 
Of chere benigne, | discrete and ver- 
Gyuyng councell right sad and com 
637) the st. and. 642) Lecestre. 643) a (tonne. 645) foundre. 651) ay st. alway. 654) the fehlt. 
659) worche. 665) with the. 666) stabulnesse. 672) ageyn all her. 680) graunted was. 686) waite. 
691) As Sc. prudent and awise. 693) right fehlt.
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