S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

(BUCH I.] 
Where ought doth fayle, I must beare 
the wyte, — 
Golde nor asure nor fresshe vermylyon. 
But with thy gracious supportation, 
In hope thou shake conueye my penne 
and lede, 
ios To wryte thy lyfe | thus I wyll precede. 
Explicit prologus. 
Tyme remembred of olde antiquite; 
The same tyme whan Cesar Julius 
Was passed out of Rome the cite 
OuertheAlpeys,inknyghthode famous, 
no By assent of fortune notable and 
This marciall man, armed with plate 
and mayle, 
Had ouer-ryden the boundes of Itayle, 
Brought the countres through his 
hygh renowne 
Magre theyr myght to Stande in obey- 
ns And ben subiectes to them of Rome 
All Germany conquered in substance; 
Downe descendyng in to the realme 
of Fraunce 
Daunted theyr pry de; and after dyd 
With a great armye to aryue vp in 
no Twyes put of, by recorde of Lucane, 
At his arryuayle, of very force and 
By the prowesse of Cassybylan. 
Touchyng the title, were it wronge 
or ryght, 
Of the sayd Cesar, deme euery maner 
ns What that hym lust—for,inconclusyon, 
Cause of his entre was false deuisyon 
Amonge them- seife, wherb'y he gat 
that londe, 
Made the Britons to be tributarie 
To the Romayns, by statute and by 
bonde, — 
108 Ed. was was. 130 E. therro. 139 and st of. 
130 None so hardy to be therto contrarye. 
Cause of this conquest, to wryte and 
not tarye, 
Was deuision, the cronycle ye may se, 
Betwene Cassybylan and duke An- 
Ouer-maistred was Brutus Albion 
>35 By Julyus sworde, — remembred in 
scripture — 
Recorde thegospell: where is deuision, 
Frowarde discention, of case or auen- 
That region may no whyle endure 
In prosperite; — for by discorde and 
140 T o subiection was brought all Bryteyne. 
Whan Cesar was put in possessyon, 
Rather by force than by tytell or ryght, 
Ordent statutes in that regyon. 
And this was one: that no manerjwyght 
>45 Sulde in that londe receyue thorder 
of knyght, 
For worthynes, for mede nor fauour, 
But by the handes of the emperour. 
And this was done | lest parauenture 
Sondry persones enclothed with 
>5° Not disposed of blode nor of nature, 
Shulde not presume, of rurall boy- 
Though he had strength and hardynes, 
To take vpon hym, | what euer that 
he be, 
The sacrament of knyghtly dignite. 
>55 An other cause, in order to deuise, 
Was; 1 none suche shulde haue gouer- 
Wherby he myght in many sondry 
Catche occasyon to make purueyance, 
By force of kynred | or strength of 
>6o Through newe rebellyon, in token, 
worde or signe, 
Agaynst the Romayns proudely to 
101) I mott here the lake. >04) I hope, m) in st. with. >15) suggettes. 118) dauntyng. 119) arme, 
in so st. vp in. 120) theis st. twyes. 122) Cassibalan. >23) tale st. title. >25) them st. hym. 
>26) this st. his. falce. 131) writen. >34) Brutis. 135) swerde. 138) Thilk. >39) of st- and. 142) by eny 
title of. >43) ordeigned. 146) nor for. 148) list 149) personus. 150) nought. >51) boistowisnesse. 
>52) Though that he. i56) was that none. 161) ageyne. 161) maligne.
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