S. Albon und Amphabel, ein Legendenepos in 3 Büchern von Lydgate, nach der Editio von S. Albans 1534 Edirt. Von Dr. Carl Horstmann

Full text: Festschrift zu dem funfzigjährigen Jubiläum der Königstädtischen Realschule zu Berlin (Public Domain)

[BUCH I.] 
With them also went Amphybalus, 
There baptised by pope zepheryne, 
45 Lefte all the worlde and becam ver- 
Of wylfull power folowed the doctryne: 
By whose teachyng and vertuous dis 
Blessed Albon, as myn auctor sayth, 
Was after war de conuerted to ourfayth. 
so All his processe in order for to sette 
My purpose is, if I haue tyme and 
If ignorance not my style let, 
By influence only of goddes grace, 
The troubly mystes from me to en- 
55 Of rude langage, | so that I may in 
To write his lyfe and ceryously pre 
My penne directe by meane of his 
The gracious stremes sent downe for 
a signe 
6° Of his celestyall goodly eien clere 
To forther my labour and teache me 
the maner. 
Of his name to write and specific, 
So as I can, the ethymologie: 
This nameAlbanus by enterpretation 
65 Compowned is of plente and ot 
Plente he had in great perfection, 
Made whyte also with lylyes of clen- 
With whyte roses ment, stable intheyr 
rudenesse, — 
It was well sene that he stable stode, 
70 For Christis fayth | whan paynyms 
shed his blode. 
Whiche two colours dyd neuer fade, 
Of these lylyes nor of these roses rede, 
In blessed Albon, but euer ylyche glad: 
Within his bapteme the lylyes dyd 
75 The roses splayed whan he dyd shede 
46) I. pouert. 68) whyte st. rede. I. rednesse. 76) 
His purpurate bloude, spared for no 
The storme abydyng tyll he yafe vp 
the breth. 
Thus was the chapelet made of red 
and whyte: 
Whyte for his clennes, I haue so tolde 
•»To chese the red he dyd also delyte 
Whan from the chaffe was tryed 
In the holy martyr, that hath the 
bront borne. 
Grayne of this frument was this man 
In the gospell remembred of -seynt 
8s This chose greyne for Christ was 
To get encrease of his eternall glorye; 
The frute grewe vp by fayth multi- 
pliplied (!); 
Through meke sufferance he gate the 
A palme of conquest, to be put in 
9° A laurel crowne by tryumphes many- 
For his merites set on his hede of 
goldc. — 
Now to this martyr crowned hygh 
in heuen 
Deuoutly knelyng with humble and 
meke visage, 
Whiche syt so high aboue the sterres 
95 O blessed Albon, fro that celestiall 
Cast downe thy lyght, to enlumyne 
my langage, 
Whiche of my-selfe am naked and 
In this great nede thy fauour may 
be seyne. 
I haue no colours | but only blacke 
and whyte, 
100 Ot longe or shorte wantyng proporcion; 
Ed. cleth st. deth. 
46) pouert 47) gracious st. vertuous. 51) lyf st. tyme. 54) fro. 68) meynt. Iter, redenesse. 
76) deth. 77) yald st. yafe. 78) chaplett. 82) I-borne. 86) grete st. get. 90I laureat. 99) white 
and biake. 100) apd st. or.
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