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EDITION Nº 04/ 2018 BERLIN to go BUSINESS NEWS TO TAKE AWAY WE’RE CHANGING BERLIN AN ISSUE DEVOTED TO BUSINESSWOMEN COFFEE BREAK WITH RAMONA POP BERLIN’S MOST PRECISE FAMILY WASTE NOT, WANT NOT international DEAR READER, CoSMoPolitan CreatiVe all DaY SCHoolS EDITORIAL This year, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Germany and thereby marking a milestone in the history of gender equality. Today, women make a significant contribu- reliaBle anD ProVen tion to creating new jobs and fostering the dynamism and innovativeness of the Berlin economy. And yet, women are still not equally represented in the political realm nor in top management positions. In fact, women’s hourly wage is still more than one-fifth lower than men’s, and women will once again work “for free” until March 18th in 2019. This is something we need to work together to change! After all, Berlin is the capital of female founders. More women start their all eXaMS own company in Berlin than in any other German city. Berlin owes many aspects of its booming GraDeS 1–13 economy to the work of female entrepreneurs. At this moment, you are holding a very special issue of Berlin to go in your hand – one devoted entirely to women. Milena Glimbovski, for example, is 28-year-old entrepreneur who opened Berlin’s first zero-packaging supermarket in 2014 and was named Berlin’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2018/2019 (page 8). Another female innovator, Verena Pausder, started a company called Fox & Sheep, which offers apps that introduce children all over the globe to the digital world in a Schooling paths at KANT For more than 50 years the state recognised all day schools of Private Kant-Schulen have been a generator of inspiration on Berlin’s educational scene. Open mindedness, friendly atmosphere and individual support of students are qualities we highly value. Learn more about us, our concepts, staff and modern facilities at one of our information events. We’re looking forward to meeting you! Kant-Grundschule Kant-oberschule personal atmosphere ∙ English from grade 1 to 6 ∙ guided homework hours Grunewaldstraße 44 · 12165 Berlin phone 82 00 70 900 Secondary school up to Abitur Economics in English or German Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 360 Berlin international School internationale Schule Berlin Primary and Secondary school (E/G) offering BBR, MSA, IGCSE and IB-D examinsations Campus Dahlem · Lentzeallee 8/14 14195 Berlin · phone 82 00 77 780 Primary and Secondary school (G/E) offering a Bilingual Abitur (university entrance) Campus Steglitz · Körnerstraße 11 12169 Berlin · phone 79 000 35 playful and safe way (page 16). Ute Franke heads up 5micron, a measurement equipment company that supplies data to Airbus’ R&D department that makes it possible for the aircraft manufacturer to further improve wing aerodynamics (page 12). Successful women have always been role models – for other women and but also for men. In Berlin, we have many highly impressive female role models. They inspire girls and women to pursue careers, to seize the opportunities offered by digitalization and to start their own businesses. Milena Glimbovski, Verena Pausder and Ute Franke are only three of many successful women bosses whose extraordinary ideas and commitment shape the city every day. Let’s work together to make women’s achievements more visible and bring women forward even further! Sincerely, Ramona Pop Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Please visit us online at 2 3 Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. 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SAN FR ANCISCO Energy and Public Enterprises Hipster vs. Hippies PROSPECTS RECOMMEN­DATIONS Berlin originals  Energielieferant Berlin Voltwunder Berlin Vorausschauend Berlin Highflyer Berlin 22 Pop, Mayor of Berlin and founders in Germany Schlau vernetzt Berlin In conversation with Ramona Pop 9 Milena Glimbovski operates Good to Know 20 These startups want to TITLE own app studio in 2011 24 Knauer – The most precise family in Berlin An evening with the Wirkungstreffer Berlin 27 Platz für Zukunft Berlin Wetterfest Berlin Spielplatz Berlin Geschmackswelt Berlin 28 Master Chefs The 22th gala dinner of Berlin’s Master Chefs Culture tips 32 Highlights on Berlin’s Freiheitsklang Berlin event calendar Sicher im Netzwerk Liftgeschwindigkeit Berlin Berlin Zukunftsforscher Berlin Meisterwerk Berlin BERLIN TO D O What’s going on 34 Events, trade fairs Milena Glimbovski is Berlin’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year 4 Eau de Toilette Berlin Multitalent Berlin Zugpferd Berlin Photos: © Birte Filmer 9 and more 5 NEWS TO GO 6 Record low unemployment Female professors at the top A woman joins the board A sunny out­ Siemens to look for the invest € 600 economy million Equality wins award According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Agency, the unemployment rate in Berlin in October 2018 was 7.7%. At roughly 149,253, the number of Berliners without a job fell below the 150,000 mark for the first time in decades. The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, welcomed the most recent labor market figures: “At no time since German reunification has unemployment in Berlin been as low as in October 2018. It’s a tremendous success for everyone who lives and works in the city. We also have the strongest population growth of all federal states in Germany. This proves that Berlin is continuing to make the most out of its favorable economic conditions, especially thanks to the Senate’s effective economic and labor market policies.” Berlin is at the top of the list in terms of female professors. In fact, 45% of all professorships here are held by women. This puts the capital city clearly above the national average. Nationwide, only roughly 24% of professorships are held by women. This year, 223 positions were advertised in Berlin, 45% of which were filled with female professors. According to the Senate Chancellery, that number was still at 40 in 2017; in 2016, it was only 29%. By the end of September 2018, a total of 47% of newly appointed professorships at Berlin’s three large universities and the Charité University Hospital went out to female academics. At the city’s four art colleges, the share was 58%; and at the four state-run technical colleges, it was 37%. On January 1, 2019, Angeliki Krisilion was appointed to the board of directors of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) representing the company’s risk management unit. She will replace Dr. Stephan Brandt, who has been holding the position on an interim basis since September 1, 2018, following the departure of Sonja Kardorf. “In Angeliki Krisilion, we were able to attract an experienced professional to the IBB board. She has tremendous expertise in the areas of risk management, credit risk controlling and analysis,” explains Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and chair of the IBB board of directors. “She won us over with her expertise, in-depth knowledge of banking regulations and clear and assertive manner, and she will no doubt bring the IBB forward and thus also foster Berlin as a business location.” Roughly 95% of Berlin companies describe their economic situation as “good” or “satisfactory.” These are the findings of the economic survey of more than 1,200 companies undertaken every fall by the Handwerkskammer Berlin and IHK Berlin. The good mood among companies is clouded only by the increasing shortage of skilled workers. As IHK Berlin managing director Jan Eder noted, “Berlin companies and their markets are growing rapidly. And yet, the business location is not growing fast enough alongside it. More and more companies are reporting growth risks due to a shortage of space and skilled workers, but also a lack of transport and digital solutions. Berlin needs to work on its structural fitness as a business location, and the Senate needs to invest in infrastructure and education while also securing and developing commercial space. Otherwise, the economic boom will peter out.” Berlin’s “Gleichstellung gewinnt” (Equality wins) campaign now boasts even more high-level support. Senator Dilek Kolat recently joined with Charité CEO Karl Max Einhäupl to sign the “Gleichstellung gewinnt” charter, which seeks to foster a new corporate culture in Berlin. The Charité university hospital is a major employer in Berlin and already known for its commitment to gender equality. Initiatives include offers designed to facilitate the compatibility of work and family, the targeted promotion of young female scientists and the issue of sexual harassment prevention in the workplace. The Charité is clearly committed to a corporate culture of equality between women and men – in line with the “Gleichstellung gewinnt” campaign. Siemens AG has sent out a strong signal in favor of Germany as an industrial location and Berlin as a capital of innovation. With an investment of over €600 million, the company is set to work together with local and state administrators to develop a new city district in Siemensstadt, a historical site that continues to embody urban modernity by linking working, living and recreational spaces. The project will generate synergies through the interplay of science and business, all of which will be leveraged in specific fields of innovation and technology that are key to Siemens and Berlin. These joint efforts will strengthen Berlin’s status as an industrial location and also foster it along its path to becoming a Smart City. 7 TITLE WASTE NOT, WANT NOT 8 Milena Glimbovski was named Berlin’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year for her “Original Unverpackt” supermarket  Text: Christin Berges Fotos: © Christian Kielmann, © Original & unverpackt Milena Glimbovski offers over 600 unpackaged items in her supermarket We’ve all been there. After a trip to the supermarket on Saturday, you come home with a week’s worth of groceries and prepare a delicious evening meal for the whole family. However, in addition to empty plates and full bellies, what’s left is a heap of packaging that includes the net the potatoes were in, the plastic wrap that covered the cucumber, the bag that held the walnuts, etc. One sight of all this waste is enough to satiate your conscience with guilt. Milena Glimbovski is all too familiar with this. us ill. When she was a student in her early 20s, her friend cooked her a meal one evening, and after they had finished eating, Milena once again become irritated by the resulting garbage bag full of plastic. That night, the two friends came up with the idea to open a supermarket that didn’t use any packaging. They envisaged how they would offer people nuts, rice and gummy bears in large containers. Their customers would bring jam jars and cloth bags and fill them with the exact amount of food they needed from the dispensers. Today, Milena is 28 years old and her idea has She’s also aware of the associated consequen- become a reality. In 2014, she opened the first ces, such as polluted oceans, overflowing land- supermarket in Berlin to go entirely without fills and studies that show how plastic makes non-reusable packaging. Located on Wiener 9 TITLE TITLE Original Unverpackt on Wiener Straße in Kreuzberg Straße 16 in Kreuzberg, “Original Unverpackt” she is currently looking for investors. With offers more than 600 non-packaged items, regard to her future plans, Milena Glimbovski including food, sweets, spirits, cosmetics, cle- explains: “We started producing our own cos- aning products and books. Milena raised the metics and drugstore products, all of which money she needed for the store with the help provide better and more ecological alternati- of a crowdfunding campaign that brought in ves to what’s on the market these days, either over €100,000. because they use no plastics and micro-plastics, such as our bamboo toothbrushes, or These days, Milena Glimbovski has become the because they are vegan, such as our tooth voice of the zero-waste movement in Germany. floss, or they foster do-it-yourself methods She avoids waste wherever she can, makes her such as our D.I.Y. sets.” 10 FACTS ABOUT FEMALE FOUNDERS IN GERMANY Women increasingly discovering the joys of founding their own companies If their startup fails, women are less likely than men to launch a new one Women tend to launch startups that have long-term stability Female founders seek to attain profitability as quickly as possible and on their own merit Female founders prioritize profitability; male founders prioritize business growth Women are more likely to start a business on their own and for the first time Women found more companies in e-commerce and education; men found more companies in IT and software Female founders draw less often on external capital and finance their companies less often with help from business angels or venture capital Fem a le f o unde rs rate t h e i nno v at i ve ne s s o f t h e i r s t a rt ups more c au t io usl y t h an m a le f o unde rs own cosmetic products and buys her clothes second hand. She elucidates and shares her commitment to the cause in interviews, Ted Talks and in her book Ohne Wenn und Abfall. As a young entrepreneur, she uses her online shop to sell non-food products that foster a zero-waste lifestyle, including washable and reusable cotton make-up-remover pads. She also now has many imitators: as of today, there are more than 50 “Unverpackt” supermarkets in Germany. As of November 2018, Milena Glimbovski can also call herself “Berlin’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2018/2019.” As the first-prize winner in that competition, she received a trophy and funds totaling €3,000, which she no doubt will invest in her latest projects, for which 10 A cloth bag for a zero-waste lifestyle Female founders see digitalization as having a lesser influence on their business model Source: Female Founders Monitor, 2018 11 TITLE MADE TO MEASURE In 2014, when revenues in aviation R&D shif- her passion and experience in the world of avi- ted to production, FTI reacted accordingly and ation and flight theory led her to become part reduced its R&D projects to focus more on pro- of the multicultural team – roughly 450 en- duction. Once again, Ute Franke found herself at gineers from all over the world were working at a turning point, and once again, fate played into the time on the renaissance of heavy-life airs- her hands. In spite of restructuring measures, hips in Brandenburg. Airbus decided to stick to research projects and Although the ambitious project failed in 2002, ving those specific measurements that the R&D made it clear that they wanted to continue ha- 5micron founder Ute Franke stands for innovative optical measurement techniques Text: Anke Templiner One day in the late 1990s, civil engineer and aviation enthusiast Ute Franke was piloting a Cessna over southeast Brandenburg when she noticed a gigantic steel-dome hangar below. The structure, which today houses the Tropical Island resort, was headquarters of the airship company Cargolifter AG until 2002. Out of curiosity, Ute Franke contacted Cargolifter to inquire as to what they were planning – and soon found herself in the middle of a job interview. This marked the start of her career in aviation and also provided the eventual foundation for her own company. 12 Although she had never worked in the industry, the experience Ute Franke had garnered in department at FTI had been carrying out on the project management and the aerospace indus- surfaces of aircraft wings. try would determine her future career path. A company called FTI Engineering Network Ute Franke saw an opportunity and took advanta- GmbH was soon created out of Cargolifter’s ge of it. As she notes, when asked about this pha- flight test instrumentation (FTI) unit, and Ute se of upheaval and key decisions: “When one door Franke went on to work at the aviation indus- closes, another one opens up somewhere else.” try supplier for twelve years, most recently in In January 2015, together with her colleague, Dr. their R&D unit. During that time, she also de- Jean Blondeau, she founded 5micron GmbH and veloped business contacts to Rolls Royce and began offering measurement solutions directly Embraer. But FTI’s biggest client from the very to clients. The name of Franke’s company reflects beginning was Airbus. Even back then, aircraft its product: the English word micron stands for manufacturers were working on how to reduce the most precise measurements possible, and 5 friction on airplane wings. micron is the area in which measurements for the aviation industry maneuver. 13 © iStockPhoto/PK-Photos TITLE MIT DER NDEL NDEL MIT DER CORPORATE ZUR ZUGSPITZE ZUR ZUGSPITZE MIT DER NDEL DESIGN MIT ZUR DER ZUGSPITZE NDEL MANUAL MIT DER NDEL ZUR ZUGSPITZE ZUR ZUGSPITZE flow and reducing fuel consumption as well as related CO2 emissions. BLADE is set to last until the end of 2018. Thanks to her experiences at Cargolifter and FTI, Ute Franke knows that a big client and a prominent project are no guarantees for sustainable business success. Her goal from the very beginning was to attract clients from sectors other than the aviation industry. And it wor- GO! Express & Logistics ist rund um die Uhr für Sie Sie unterwegs: unterwegs: regional, regional, national, national, international zum international – vom Dokument bis zum Container. Das Kurierteam sorgt & Logistics ist für rundTag um die Das GO! GO! Express Kurierteam sorgt Tag dafür,Uhr fürIhre Sie Sendungen unterwegs: regional, national, dass schnell und sicherinternational zugestellt wer werden. – den. vomUnd Dokument bis zum das höchst & Logistics ist rund um die erfolgreich, denn die GO! GO! Express Zustellquote Container. erfolgreich, Zustell quote für SieTag unterwegs: liegt bei können Sie GO! Kurierteam für Tag regional, national, liegt Das bei nahezu 100 %. %.Uhr Sosorgt können Sie international –mit vom Dokument bis zum immerdafür, sicher sein, dass eine Sendung dass Ihre Sendungen schnell und sicher sein, dass eine Sendung Container. mit GO! garantiert pünktlich ankommt. Express & Logistics ist rund um die sicher zugestellt wer den. Und dasEin höchst GO! garantiert pünktlich ankommt. GO! Zustell Kurierteam Ein Anruf genügt. Uhr für Sie unterwegs: national, erfolgreich, denn Das die regional, GO! quotesorgt Tag für Tag Anruf genügt. dafür, Ihre schnell und international – vom Dokument bisSendungen zum liegt bei nahezu 100 %. dass So können Sie zugestellt wermit den. Und das höchst Container. immer sicher sein, sicher dass eine Sendung erfolgreich, die Das Kurierteam sorgtankommt. Tagdenn für Tag GO! GO! garantiert pünktlich Ein GO! Zustellquote liegt bei nahezu 100 %. So können Sie dafür, Ihre Sendungen schnell und Anruf dass genügt. immer sicher sein, dass eine Sendung mit sicher zugestellt wer den. Und das höchst GO! GO! garantiert pünktlich ankommt. Ein erfolgreich, denn die Zustellquote Anruf liegt bei nahezu 100 %. genügt. So können Sie immer sicher sein, dass eine Sendung mit GO! garantiert pünktlich ankommt. Ein Anruf genügt. ked. For example, for clients in the film industry, 5micron developed a special technique that allows archived film material from the 1920s and 1930s to be “diagnosed” using dark-field diagnostics. The key feature of this method is a diagnostic sensor that detects surface deficits and records them in detail. This information is used for decisions to be made with regard to which of the available copies is most suitab- 030 249 080085008 859 99 99 le for digitization and what to pay attention to when restoring of the film material. All project partners have signed on to the Airbus 340 Flight Lab: Ute Franke for 5micron. Wherever optical solutions for high-precision 030 85008 249 surface measurements in the micrometer range are needed – even in extreme environments – The measurement system that 5micron was wor- 030 85008 249 5micron is there. And Ute Franke is a master king on for Airbus eventually culminated in the of the game. She is the interface between client, European research project “Clean Sky.” In addi- team and solution. She uses her networks to lis- tion to Airbus, more than 20 other partners are ten, her task being to recognize what clients need working as part of this project to reduce CO2 and what problems they’re facing. It’s usually aircraft emissions. At the center of this research her business partner, Jean, who comes up with is the analysis of the air flow around aircraft the ideal measurement method. The task of de- wings in a project called BLADE. veloping a specific measuring process – from 030 85008 249 ARE YOU DOING ANYTHING TODAY? the idea to the prototype – usually takes about BLADE stands for “Breakthrough Laminar 6 months to a year. In this process, it’s always Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe.” The measure- Ute Franke who checks whether the development ment and testing work is done in the Airbus 340 meets the client’s requirements and expectations flight test lab. Since September 2017, a measu- and where some tweaking is necessary. ZEIT IST ALLES ZEIT IST ALLES Z IS ZEIT A IST ALLES TIME-OUT FROM ADVENT SHOPPING HUSTLE AND BUSTLE SATURDAY, 01., 08., 15. AND 22.12.2018 | 03.00 PM TO 05.00 PM | DUKE LOUNGE Take a break and enjoy an afternoon with tea and live music. In our lounge we will serve you an Étagère with Christmas delicacies. rement system developed by 5micron for Airbus Today, the 5micron team has grown to seven wing surfaces during flight. The technique uses employees. Ute Franke is still the only woman “deflectometry,” which involves optical and thus in the company. “I’m used to it,” she concludes. contactless surface measurement. This method “The aviation industry has even fewer female makes it possible to record deviations in the professionals than the construction industry, laminar flow that occur on wings during flight. where I worked previously. This is why it’s im- In turn, these measurements allow aviation ex- portant to me to foster the potential held by perts to optimize the profile, material and sur- women, especially in supposedly male domains, face area of aircraft wings, thus improving air and to give women of all ages a career boost.” Photos: © Airbus, S. Ramadier Preis: EUR 52.00 for two persons incl. Étagère, coffee, tea and mulled wine for 2 hours has been in operation there, measuring aircraft NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU MONDAY, 31.12.2018 | FROM 7.00 OR 7.30 PM Let the old year end in a relaxed way. We will spoil you with a festive five-course menu. Four-course menu: EUR 115.00 per person | EUR 165.00 per person incl. wine accompaniment BETWEEN BREAKFAST & DINNER? BRINNER! SONNTAG, 31.03., 16.06., 22.09., 06.10.2019 | 04.30 PM TO 07.30 PM Enjoy a mixture of breakfast and dinner. Start with a late breakfast and smoothly transition to dinner. We serve a sweet and hearty table buffet including crémant, good mood as well as live music. Brinner: EUR 75,00 per person incl. crémant, water, juices, red and white wine, coffee, tea and more 14 MORE EVENTS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.DUKE-RESTAURANT.COM/HIGHLIGHTS 15 RESTAURANT DUKE IM ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN NÜRNBERGER STRASSE 50-55 | 10789 BERLIN | T +49 (0)30 68 315-4000 | CONTACT@DUKE-RESTAURANT.COM | WWW.DUKE-RESTAURANT.COM TITLE KID-FRIENDLY In 2011, Verena Pausder founded an app studio to introduce children to the digital world in a safe and playful manner   Photos: Kim Keibel (portrait), Fox & Sheep Text: Ines Hein 16 One of the most important issues parents and educators face these days is how to teach children about digital media. What kinds of content – whether online, on tablets or on mobile phones – provide the most age-appropriate fun while also being educationally valuable? This is a question that Verena Pausder was also asking herself in 2011. Soon thereafter, she founded and became managing director of the Berlin app studio Fox & Sheep, a company that specializes in high-quality children’s apps designed to foster playful learning and exploration. The studio has received numerous awards for its lovingly animated and illustrated products, including “App of the Year” and “#1 iPad App in Germany.” Today, it is the largest developer of children’s apps in Germany; its over 20 million downloads also rank it among the top ten providers on the European app market. In other words, Verena Pausder is one of the most successful international tech founders. In fact, entrepreneurship is in her blood. She comes from the Delius textile dynasty in Bielefeld and founded a sushi bar at the age of 20 together with her sister. At the time, she was studying business administration at the University of St. Gallen, and after completing her degree, she founded Delius Capital. In 2006, McKinsey named her a “CEO of the Future,” and in 2016, she was named a “Young Global Leader” at the World Economic Forum. In 2018, she made it to Forbes Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech list. Born in Hamburg, she launched an initiative called “Startup Teens” and is a member of the board of trustees of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. She is a consultant on the German federal government’s Innovation Council and the initiator of the Ladies Dinner, a Germany-wide network of female entrepreneurs in the media industry.  17 TITLE “LOOKING BACK, I’M VERY HAPPY I DARED TO FO UND THE COMPANY” YOU ARE A MOTHER OF THREE CHILDREN. WHAT TIPS WOULD YOU GIVE MOTHERS EAGER TO FOUND A COMPANY? A conversation with Verena Pausder about starting a successful business and other entrepreneurial insights When you’re a freelancer with children, it’s good WHERE DID YOU GET THE IDEA FOR FOX & SHEEP AND HOW DID YOU COME TO FOUND THE COMPANY? to be self-employed, because you have the flexibility to combine your job and your family. But when you’re an entrepreneur, it doesn’t work as When the iPad came on the market in 2011, easily. The market is so hard and the workload there was hardly any content for children, even is so heavy that you really have to want it. If you though the device was predestined for it. My want to succeed, you need childcare that gives you co-founder Moritz Hohl and I came up with full support, financing that allows you to think the idea to position ourselves on the market big from the get go and a willingness to accept with great products as early as possible before that you can’t have it all. If all of that is in place, it became satiated. From the very beginning, everyone can be happy. In that case, my job is like we wanted to think globally, hence the name having time for myself, and then I can have a clear Fox & Sheep. In 2012, we founded our app studio head in the evening to concentrate on my family. in Berlin with the goal of distributing high-qua- FOX & SHEEP ISN’T THE FIRST COMPANY YOU FOUNDED. HOW CRUCIAL WAS THE KNOWLEDGE YOU GAINED FROM YOUR PREVIOUS COMPANIES TO YOUR CURRENT SUCCESS? lity apps for children worldwide.  HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO THINK SO BIG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING AND THEN ACTUALLY GET BIG? Very important. One key insight is that venture capital is not the right form of financing for During our initial market research, we came every company, because it means your priority across two apps from Berlin that had a great store in three or four languages. We immedia- decision didn’t take long. We immediately trans- tely met with the developers to exchange ideas, lated the two apps into 14 languages and mar- FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE, ARE THERE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN WHEN IT COMES TO FOUNDING A COMPANY? which is the way you do it in Berlin. It turned keted them worldwide. After only three years, I believe that women approach founding a com- we had already cracked the ten million down- pany differently than men. Women are proba- a decisive point in the negotiations with Haba. load mark! In 2014, the toy manufacturer Haba bly more reserved when it comes to their vision, And we paid close attention to our profitabi- contacted us as part of their search for a part- their trust in themselves and thus also the size lity at an early stage and always had very clear design and were enjoying success in the app 18 out that they were eager to sell the apps. Our is growth at any cost and everything has to be subordinate to sales. We founded Fox & Sheep with as little external capital as possible and kept 85% of the seats until recently. This was ner in the digital business segment. In late 2014, and scope of the company they envisage. They goals. We pursued these systematically while Haba acquired a majority stake in Fox & Sheep. lead with empathy and often pay close attention also managing our costs very closely. Looking At the time, my co-founder left, and I’ve been to corporate culture. Men often have greater back, I’m very happy I dared to found the com- the sole managing director and minor sharehol- faith in numbers and aren’t as readily dissuaded pany, and that I was able to apply everything I der ever since. That step marked the moment by subjective opinions from their environment. had learned up to that point. I just needed the our startup grew out of its infancy and became A combination of these strengths is ideal. That’s courage to do it. Otherwise all of my prior expe- a big company. why I believe in mixed teams. riences would have been for naught! 19 TITLE FEMALE FOUNDER POWER IN BERLIN From green chemistry to job sharing – these startups are looking to change the world Text: Christin Berges HOP ON AND RIDE AWAY! SEEING DISEASE THROUGH THE EYE GROWING UP BILINGUAL GREEN HIGH-TECH CHEMISTRY MY JOB IS YOUR JOB USING APPS TO ESTIMATE SENIORS’ RISK With her Berlin-based startup Neurological diseases, such as Yvonne Wende founded EBS When she launched her star- Anna Kaiser and Jana Tepe Diana Heinrichs’ company Lin- Byke, founder Julia Boss offers multiple sclerosis and optic Europäische Bildungsstiftung tup DexLeChem, Sonja Jost set have been attracting attention dera specializes in AI-based an alternative to foreign ren- neuritis, are among the most gGmbH, an educational foun- herself the goal of fostering a with their job sharing platform motion analysis via smartphone tal-bike providers. Since mid- common chronic illnesses. To dation, in 2009. But her history shift towards the more intel- Tandemploy since 2013. Their camera for use in the healthcare 2017, she has been working simplify the diagnosis of such of founding companies began ligent use of raw materials in platform matches employees industry. The first solution she together with her co-founders, diseases, Dr. Ella Maria Kadas five years prior after an unsuc- the field of chemistry. DexLe- interested in sharing a full- developed is an app-based mo- Martin Voss and Eric Wang, to joined Dr. Sunil Kumar Yadav cessful attempt to find bilingu- Chem is a high-tech company time position and brings them bility test that determines a se- position their startup effecti- and Dr. Alexander Brandt this al childcare for her daughter, that offers the pharmaceuti- together with companies open nior’s individual risk of falling. vely on the bike-sharing mar- year to found a startup called Sophia. Yvonne Wende quickly cal and fragrance industries to job sharing. Today, the- The app is suitable for use by ket. In addition to Berlin, the Nocturne, a spin-off of the opened Berlin’s first bilingu- product improvements that se two female founders also caregiving relatives as well as company intends to open up Charité university hospital in al kindergarten with a group reduce or reuse essential, develop and distribute soft- in outpatient and inpatient care. cities in the Rhine-Main and Berlin. The startup extends of 18 children. Today, roughly expensive resources. The com- ware made for medium to lar- Using a simple video recording, Ruhr areas to the blue Byke the application of ophthalmic 750 children and adolescents pany’s “green chemistry” con- ge companies eager to migrate the algorithm is able to recogni- bicycles. In order to make devices (optical coherence are receiving their education tributes to enabling the che- to flexible working models and ze a person’s complex walking the rental process as simple tomography) to include ana- and being cared for by around micals industry – whose raw all kinds of collaborative sup- movement. On the basis of this as possible, Byke is using IoT lyses specially formatted to 170 caregivers and educators materials are almost entirely port. Their software connects 30-second video alongside a technologies: no key, no cash, address neurological issues. at the combined nursery (Kita), based on crude oil – to tran- colleagues interested in new psycho-social evaluation of the no ID and no deposit are nee- For the first time, the software primary school (Grundschule) sition to a sustainable circular forms of work, such as job senior’s personality and living ded to use the bikes. Just a few supports neurologists in the and high school (Gymnasium) economy. DexLeChem combi- rotation, working circles, men- situation, Lindera is able to ana- clicks in the app and users can direct diagnoses of neurologi- at the Berlin Cosmopolitan nes high-tech methods drawn toring and job sharing. lyze the risk of falling, genera- hop on and ride away. cal diseases, as well as in selec- School (BCS), a not-for-profit from the realms of chemistry, te a plan of action and create a ting an appropriate therapy international school focusing physics, mathematics and pro- template for decision-making at and evaluating the course of on science, music and dance. cess engineering and works to the touch of a button. the disease. develop and optimize chemical and biotechnological production processes. 20 21 COFFEE BRE AK COFFEE BREAK Christin Berges talks with Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises IN EARLY NOVEMBER, YOU ORGANIZED THE “BERLIN UNTERNEHMERINNENTAG” (FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS DAY). WHY WAS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE AN EVENT FOR WOMEN ONLY? catching-up. However, many startups are laun- study showed, they tend to prioritize the goal ched in the tech sector, which means that the of becoming profitable quickly. At events like general underrepresentation of women in MINT the Berlin Unternehmerinnentag, my goal is to areas becomes apparent. Women are more fre- thematize different ways of approaching the quently involved in the realm of “social entre- subjects of money, profit and growth. For me, Berlin has many fantastic female entrepreneurs preneurship,” where they pursue social goals it’s all about the question of what framework who are successfully implementing their ideas. via entrepreneurial means. But we need women conditions need to be in place so that good They are an important pillar of Berlin’s eco- to be active in all industries and disciplines, ideas – big ones, small ones, tech-based or soci- nomy, plus they create jobs and apprentices- rather than just leaving the business playing ally oriented – can find a space to grow. I invite hip positions. However, women in leadership field to men. We need to unite women’s wealth anyone interested in this subject, both men and positions are still a minority. I want to work to of skills and bring Berlin forward as a business women, to contribute any innovative concepts change that. The “Berlin Unternehmerinnen- location. they might have. YOU SAID “WE NEED MORE FEMALE FOUNDERS.” HOW WOULD YOU PERSONALLY MOTIVATE WOMEN WHO ARE THINKING OF STARTING A BUSINESS? in a lucrative way. Berlin-based female entre- NOTWITHSTANDING THE LOW PERCENTAGES, WHAT DO WOMEN DO DIFFERENTLY – AND PERHAPS EVEN BETTER – THAN MEN WHEN IT COMES TO FOUNDING A COMPANY? preneurs are key role models, and an event like The first Female Founders Monitor helps us should have access to information, advice and this lays the foundation for them! to better analyze and understand the challen- support. Berlin is well positioned in this sphere, ges faced by women in startups. It shows that that is, we have a large number of consulting, teams of women tend to finance their startups networking and funding structures available to using their own savings and bank loans, while every female founder. One example would be tag” is intended to act as a platform to allow for networking, information exchange and the showcasing of female entrepreneurs. The event highlights the fact that the Berlin economy is shaped by women in a variety of industries and 22 First of all, every potential female founder teams of men more often profit from Business the Berlin Brandenburg Business Plan Competi- Angels or VCs. In Berlin, we have an effective tion, which has just begun its 2018/2019 cycle. In comparison to the rest of Germany, Berlin microcredit program that caters to low credit I’m delighted about every new female founder we see today. Indeed, Berlin’s economy relies has the largest percentage of female participa- needs in uncomplicated ways and thus makes it tion in founding companies. But this number easier for many women to start their own busi- is still too low and we need even more female ness. It’s possible that women’s teams are less founders. We’ve already started a process of likely to use external financing because, as the Photo: © Wolf Lux ACCORDING TO THE BERLIN STARTUP MONITOR, ONLY 16.2% OF STARTUPS IN BERLIN HAVE FEMALE BOSSES. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT NUMBER? on the ideas, strength and creativity of women. And every new female founder is a role model for the next generation! About Ramona Pop Born in Rumania, Ramona Pop studied political science in Münster and Berlin. She became a member of Berlin’s House of Representatives in 2001 while still completing her studies. Five years later, she was named deputy chair of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group, becoming chair in 2009. Since 2016, Ramona Pop has been Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises. About the Berlin Senate Administration One of the core tasks of the 340 people working at the Berlin Senate Department of Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is to create ideal economic framework conditions that allow existing Berlin companies to expand their global competitiveness, while also attracting new companies to Berlin. The department‘s highest priority is to secure and generate as many jobs as possible for Berlin. 23 PROSPECTS saw the young company as a child that needed care and dedication for it to grow and thrive. “We always worked as a couple,” remembers Herbert Knauer. These joint efforts were a vital key to the success of the company. For the first few years, the family home continued to act as company headquarters. The lathe was in the cellar, and the four children – including Alexandra Knauer, who heads the company today – played alongside her three sib- Knauer employees during their daily active break lings with the packaging material stored in the attic. In 1974, Knauer moved into the building A BERLIN ORIGINAL director and headed up the company for a time together with her father. In 2000, her commit- developments and entrepreneurial success. ment and entrepreneurial talent were enough to convince Herbert Knauer to of the Berlin Wall ushered in a number of changes for Knauer. In Eastern Europe, and especially in the former GDR, where the company “We unite people” Alexandra Knauer hand over the company shares to his daughter. Today, he is very proud and happy that his life’s work has now become his daughter’s life work. had done well over 50% of its Alexandra Knauer runs the business, the ensuing social The Knauer family produces high-tech measuring instruments and an excellent working environment Text: Anke Templiner 24 on Hegauer Weg, where it remains today. The years since that move were marked by exciting In the early 1990s, the fall THE MOST PRECISE FAMILY IN BERLIN changes brought about several problems. In company in close cooperation with its procurists 1994, a further challenge arose when Roswitha and department heads. Unlike her father, who Knauer took ill and was temporarily unable to did many things himself, such as installing and work. That was the moment when Alexandra testing the devices, she places more emphasis Knauer offered to support her parents and start on employee know-how and a cooperative lea- working at the company. Alexandra had learned dership style. “The members of our team have from a very early age what it meant to run a my full trust,” she notes. “I know they are com- company, and she was able to draw on her the- mitted to the company and are always looking to oretical knowledge garnered from her studies in find the best solution.” business. expertise is the development of pumps, detectors and separation columns for high-perfor- To this day, Knauer’s main mance liquid chromatography (HPLC). This products are measuring inst- separation method is used in several fields, ruments, so-called chromato- including chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology graphy systems. They find and environmental monitoring. The measuring application in cancer research principle is based on the process of separating labs and drug quality controls, substances, even when they are chemically quite among others. For example, similar. the precise analysis of the ingredients and composition of a drug or other product make These instruments were first developed in 1962, when Herbert Knauer created a highly accurate it possible to say whether it temperature measuring device in his own home was prepared in accordance kitchen. At the time, the young chemist was with regulations. In this sense, Knauer is a family-owned company and manu- still working with a hand drill and a soldering facturer of instruments for the analysis of iron. His wife, Roswitha, was there from the very liquids. One of the company’s core areas of beginning, taking care of the business side. She Fotos: Knauer Anyone noticing the group of individuals going about their weekly sports workout on Monday afternoon at Hegauer Weg 38 in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf might find it hard to imagine that this is the same place where Knauer manufactures its high-tech lab measuring devices. At the center of the group is usually Alexandra Knauer, the company’s managing director and owner. Since taking over the company from her parents in 1995, she has successfully maintained its motto: “We separate molecules and unite people.” Starting in 1995, Alexandra became managing Knauer analytical instruments Knauer among the winners at the 2018 Grand Prix for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises can be used to determine the level of caffeine in coffee or 25 PROSPECTS BERLIN VERSUS SAN FR ANCISCO HIPSTER VS. HIPPIES What makes Berlin a great place to live in comparison to San Francisco? BERLIN vs. SAN FRANCISCO 13.1° 23.6° Average temperature Average temperature summer 4,028 people/km2 13.5° Population density €8 Modern CNC workshop in Berlin-Zehlendorf: production site of high-tech lab measuring instruments work-life balance by means of flexi-time work, ago, Knauer chromotography systems were used part-time work and other family-friendly mea- to test whether milk powder from China had sures, including the opportunity for employees been mixed with melamine. to bring their children to work. But also in the Knauer products are in demand worldwide, with focuses on her team’s ability to find meaning in their work. Her ultimate goal is to foster team €63 €3.19 Public Transport Beer than 70 countries. The “Made in Germany” label spirit. “The team is very important,” she notes. continues to impress clients in the industry, and “We have colleagues here who are highly specia- Knauer continues to perform groundbreaking lized, highly educated and highly motivated.” She research and invest heavily in the Berlin location. encourages this form of togetherness by means of In addition to cooperative activities with indust- joint sports courses and celebrations. And especi- rial partners and research institutes, the exchange ally when Monday’s training comes to an end with of ideas with clients plays an important role in the a hearty laugh from all participants, Alexandra company’s ongoing product development. In fact, Knauer knows she’s on the right path. €750 €43 €4.70 COST of LIVING Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Gym membership Beer €2,960 €105 Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre Gym membership €170 Basic Utilities (montly) LOCAL CONNECTEDNESS Number of Relationships Between Founders 20 accepted and integrated into the development of LOCAL CONNECTEDNESS Number of Relationships Between Founders 20.15 Berlin average €79 expensive €124 new devices. The company also offers customized Population density Public Transport 61% more Basic Utilities (montly) clients’ experiences and suggestions are gladly 6,220 people/km2 Meal/Lunch overall working environment, Alexandra Knauer their analysis instruments exported to more Average temperature summer €13.50 Meal/Lunch pesticide in baby food. For example, a few years 22.4° Average temperature 20.15 Global average Global average 22.4 San Francisco average solutions for customers. SUB-SECTOR STRENGTH SUB-SECTOR STRENGTH Knauer’s success on the market for lab measuring lin’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year. A similar honor followed at the national level in 2010, when she was named German Female Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2014, her company was named one of the top 100 most innovative medium-sized com- Founded Location Employees Revenue 2017 Managing Director / Owner Location highlight panies in Germany. She has also received prizes for her family-friendly policies. Alexandra Knauer created conditions that make it possible for her employees to maintain a healthy 26 More information 1962 in Berlin Berlin-Zehlendorf 135 € 19.5 million Alexandra Knauer Student lab “KNAUER Entdecker Klub” for groups of school children starting from Grade 6 Fintech Health & Life Sciences IoT Number of Tech Startups: 2,500 (43% non-German launchers) P GLOBAL STARTU AI Big Data Fintech Biotech ECOSYSTEM INVESTMENT VOLUME Photos: © Knauer instruments is due in no small part to Alexandra Knauer’s leadership. In 2004, she was named Ber- 2.968 Billion Euros INVESTMENT VOLUME 26.2 Billion Euros Number of Tech Startups: 16,000 (46% non-American launchers) Fact: 25% of the global unicorns are located in San Francisco Sources: Startup Ecosystem & Sub-Sector Strengths - (Page 166 - Berlin; Page 152 – San Francisco); Investment volume:$FILE/ey-start-up-barometer-europa-maerz-2018.pdf;; Weather:;; Comparison Cost of living:;; 27 RECOMMENDATIONS AN EVENING WITH THE MASTER CHEFS In honoring Berlin’s “Master Chefs” each year, presented their joint “Berlin Menu” to the roughly the Berlin Partner business development agency 400 invited guests. The Berlin Menu 2018 brought seeks to showcase Berlin’s culture of fine cuisine together each prizewinner’s culinary philosophies and hospitality as a key factor in the city’s posi- in a unique way, with each different category tive image and economic boom. Whether its top and each course of the menu reflecting a unique cuisine or street food, an established stalwart or facet of Berlin’s international food landsca- a creative newcomer, a specific neighborhood or pe as well as the regional origins of its chefs. an entire region – Berlin has a range of chefs and restaurants that can compete on an international scale. This year’s prizewinners showed their skills at a gala dinner at Vollgutlager Berlin, where they 28 Flip to the next double page to see the menu at the 2018 Berlin Master Chefs gala Photos: © Berlin Partner – The 22nd annual gala dinner showcased Berlin‘s culinary diversity 29 RECOMMENDATIONS AMUSEBOUCHE AMUSEBOUCHE Best Berlin Host 2018 André Macionga, ”Restaurant Tim Raue“ Berliner Kiez Master 2018 ”Rogacki“ Homemade potato salad with mayonnaise and boulette Hand-picked soused herring with peeled potato Green curry stock with exotic fruits FIRST COURSE Berlin Master Chef 2018 Daniel Achilles, ”reinstoff“ Veal & carrot 2ND INTER­ MEDIATE COURSE Culinary Innovator 2018 Billy Wagner, ”Nobelhart & Schmutzig“ Celery / Erdhof Seewalde blackcurrant 30 STARTER Berlin Scene Restaurant 2018 ”TISK Speisekneipe“ Cucumber salad + unrolled mackerel 1ST INTER­ MEDIATE COURSE Newcomer of the Year 2018 Nicholas Hahn, ”Restaurant am Steinplatz“ Kebab of watermelon / Melon paprika tartar / Paprika sorbet 31 RECOMMENDATIONS CULTURE TIPS EVITA THE B OL SHOI ON THE SCREEN Radiant beauty, dazzling charisma and style: “Evita” tells the Four traditional ballets (“La Sylphide,” “Don Quixote,” “La Bay- story of a woman caught between love and power, adored by adère” and “Sleeping Beauty”) will be presented alongside the the people, hated by her political opponents and defined by popular Christmas fairy tale “The Nutcracker” and the modern more than just her tragic end. This opulent production of ballet “The Golden Age,” the latter being shown exclusively the famous musical, which received an Olivier, a Tony and at the Bolshoi. Two other famous pieces – “Carmen Suite” a Drama Desk Award for “Best Musical,” uses monumen- and Edward Clug’s new creation “Petruschka” – complete the tal images and enthralling music to transport audiences to list. Filmed specifically for the big screen and shot with over Argentina in the mid-1950s. After enjoying success in Great ten cameras in HD and 5.1 surround sound, these Bolshoi Britain and Germany, the acclaimed production now returns broadcasts give audiences the unique opportunity to get closer to Berlin with a star cast from London’s West End. Runs from to the dancers than ever before. January 2-13, 2019 at Berlin’s Admiralspalast. /kinos /delphi-filmpalast /admiralspalast-berlin/programm-tickets /evita/ NINETIES BERLIN IN MULTIMEDIA GINZBURG DYNASTY – JAZZ FESTIVAL Experience Berlin’s legendary way-of-life in the 1990s after the fall of the Wall! It was a decade in which subcultures and creative After 150 years of musical journeying across four continents, the artists took over the playground that was the post-Wall city of Ginzburg dynasty will return to its historical roots. The Ginzburg unlimited opportunities. This exhibition showcases how peo- family is a band in its sixth generation that features clarinets, ple worldwide flocked to Berlin to make new and original use saxophones, pianos, accordion, vocals and percussion. At this of the city’s open spaces while also creating a groundbrea- celebration of Jazz, it will present entertaining Swing by Benny king new club culture and rapidly transforming life in the Goodman, Glenn Miller, George Gershwin and Louis Prima as formerly divided capital. Prominent eyewitnesses provide well as West Coast Jazz, New Orleans Jazz and short Latin inter- personalities drawn from the alternative scene in both East and West reporting on “their” Berlin. The exhibition will run until February 28, 2019 at the Alte Münze in Berlin. AND BERLIN WILL ALWAYS NEED YOU From March 22 to June 16, 2019, this group exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau will present contemporary works by over 20 artists living in Berlin. These artists were invited to present new or existing installations and artworks dealing with craftsmanship, décor, materiality and artifacts. Among those artists showing works will be Haris Epaminonda, Nevin Aladag, Leonor Antunes, Antje Majewski, Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann, Mariechen Danz, Olaf Holzapfel and many more. The “Art, Craft and Concept Made in Berlin” exhibition will be curated by Natasha Ginwala, Julienne Lorz and Stephanie Rosenthal. /de /aktuell/festivals /gropiusbau/ 32 Photos: ©Bolschoi Ballett, © nineties berlin, © Nevin Aladag, © pamela raith, © exclusive testimonials about their unique experiences, with ludes. The festival will take place on February 8, 2019 in the Kammermusiksaal of the Philharmonie Berlin. LEGAL NOTICE Is a Berlin Partner publication Publisher: Berlin Partners Holding Capital City Marketing Ltd. Fasanenstrasse 85 10623 Berlin CEO: Dr. Stefan Franzke Editorial staff: Christin Berges, Heike Herckelrath, Ines Hein Editor in Chief: Lukas Breitenbach (V.i.S.d.P.) Tel.: +49 30 - 46 30 25 99 Translation: Neuwasser Language Services Published by: RAZ Verlag Am Borsigturm 13 13507 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 0 Fax: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 22 Ads: RAZ Verlag, Falko Hoffmann Tel.: +49 30 - 437 77 82 - 20 Layout & graphics: Daniel Isbrecht Managing Director: Tomislav Bucec Production: LASERLINE GmbH Scheringstrasse 1, 13355 Berlin-Mitte Editors: Gabriele Schulte-Kemper Ltg., Anke Templiner, Anja Jönsson Any media data used in this publication are taken from November 2018. Copies printed: 2,000 33 DATES & EVENTS January 1 January, Brandenburg Gate BERLIN NEW YEAR’S RUN As one (sports) year comes to a close, the SCC is wasting no time getting 2019 underway, in this case with a running event. Around 3,500 runners take part in the New Year’s Run held at the Brandenburg Gate each year. 7 January, Wintergarten Varieté TALKSHOW “KURTZ AUF DER COUCH” (“KURTZ ON THE COUCH“) Columnist Andreas Kurtz in conversation with actress Caroline Peters, who will be treated to personal films about her life featuring commentaries from prominent personalities and people from her family and circle of friends. Tickets and information: / show/kurtz-auf-der-couch 10 January, Mercedes Benz Arena HANDBALL WORLD CUP 2019 IN BERLIN Preliminary round of the Handball World Cup: in January 2019, Germany and Denmark will host the Handball World Cup in which 24 teams from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania will compete against each other. 15 to 18 January, various locations in Berlin BERLIN FASHION WEEK Twice a year, Berlin becomes an international stage for fashion and lifestyle. Fashion enthusiasts, buyers, trade visitors and media representatives will meet at the Berlin Fashion Week to attend shows and award ceremonies, but also to gather information at expert fairs, exhibitions and offsite events. 18 to 27 January, Exhibition grounds under the Berlin Radio Tower (Funkturm) INTERNATIONAL GREEN WEEK BERLIN The International Green Week is the world’s largest trade fair for agriculture, nutrition and horticulture. National and international exhibitors present their local products and invite visitors to go on a culinary journey of discovery. In 2018, 400,000 visitors spent over €50 million. 24 to 27 January, Messe Berlin HIPPOLOGICA BERLIN The Hippologica Berlin is the largest equestrian event in Berlin. With a mixture of shows, riding tournaments, shopping opportunities and educational offers, this equestrian sports fair attracts over 22,000 trade visitors and horse enthusiasts annually to the exhibition grounds at Berlin’s Radio Tower (Funkturm). Roughly 190 exhibitors from five nations will offer a broad array of equestrian products and horse accessories. 24 to 29 January, Velodrom BERLIN SIX-DAY RACE For the 108th time, Berlin will officially come down with racingbike fever. The best cyclists in the world will compete at this track-cycling competition for the top spots at the Six-Day competitions as well as in the sprint and standing tournaments. 6TH ISTAF INDOOR Track and field enthusiasts can once again expect a unique and impressive combination of athletic excellence and high-class running, throwing and jumping disciplines. Get your tickets now: Reach your audience – founders, decision-makers, media professionals, and sport or Berlin fans 4 February, Wintergarten Varieté Berlin TALKSHOW “KURTZ AUF DER COUCH” (“KURTZ ON THE COUCH”) Columnist Andreas Kurtz in conversation with singer Maite Kelly. Tickets and information: / show/kurtz-auf-der-couch 7 to 17 February, various locations in Berlin 69TH BERLINALE – BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The Berlinale is one of the most important events in the global film industry. Up to 400 films will be screened in different genres. Every year, roughly 300,000 tickets are sold to the public. Reinickendorfer Wir kaufen alle EDELMETALLE... Sofort Barauszahlung! Faire Preise! Zahngold - Altgold Schmuck·Münzen·Platin Silber · Zinn & Versilbertes Grußdorfstr. 16 · Tegel Mo.-Fr. 9-13 u. 14-18 Uhr Sa. 9-14 Uhr Allgemeine Zeitung 19/18 • 11. Oktober 2018 • 4. Jahrgang Kostenlos zum Mitnehmen Schwäbische Goldverwertung Reutlingen Waimer GmbH Tel. 07121/38 13 01 Fax 07121/38 03 25 23 February, Hotel InterContinental 69TH VBKI BUSINESS BALL At Berlin’s largest annual ball, roughly 3,000 guests are invited to enjoy a glittering night in an extraordinary atmosphere. On a space of roughly 3,000 square meters, guests are offered a wide variety of culinary delights and a lively program schedule in the festive ballroom, the modern pavilion and the colorful strolling area. Fit & Gesund Karamba! Mit verschiedenen Kursen hält der TSV Wittenau Senioren fit. Außerdem: Der Oktober ist Brustkrebsmonat. Sonderseiten 12-15 Ihr starker Partner für Sicherheit im Berliner Norden. Reinickendorf gibt alles. Von Hundeschulen bis Hundehaufen Bewachungen aller Art, Alarmauf schaltung & Intervention. Düsterhauptstraße 40 · 13469 Berlin Tel. 030/76 72 64 22 Über das Leben mit vierpfotigen Begleitern in Reinickendorf Er gilt als der beste Freund des Menschen, verzeiht alles und ist treu bis in den Tod. Sie folgen ihrem Besitzer auf Schritt und Tritt und machen, was Herrchen will. Naja, meistens jedenfalls. Vom Wolf stammt der Hund ab, auch wenn bei einem Zwergpinscher oder dem Chihuahua, der kleinsten Hunderasse der Welt, nicht mehr allzu viel darauf schließen lässt. Obwohl die vermeintlichen Schoßhündchen durchaus Kampfeslust unter Beweis stellen. Bei gefährlichen Rassen wie etwa Pitbulls sind Konflikte in der Koexistenz von Hund und Mensch ohnehin vorprogrammiert. Die Berliner Beißstatistik aber erstaunt. Von den 2017 gemeldeten 584 durch Hunde hervorgerufenen Verletzungen bei Menschen gingen nur 39 auf das Konto der „gefährlichen“ Rassen, aber 149 auf das von Mischlingen. 105.543 Hunde waren laut Statistik der Finanzämter 2017 in Berlin gemeldet. Es dürften einige mehr sein, so mancher spart sich die Hundesteuer lieber für andere Dinge Also: Wie lebt es sich mit Hund in Berlin und vor allem in Reinickendorf? Bitte beachten Sie unsere Die RAZ ist dieser Frage mal Läufer oder dem Flickentepnachgegangen. Reinicken- pich entdeckt? Das subjektive Beilagen vom RAZ Café dorf ist statistisch gesehen Empfinden allerdings besagt: und vom Restaurant an Hundeland. Seit zehn Jahren Früher war es schlimmer. Das der Malche liefert sich der Fuchsbezirk meint auch Sabine Thümler, ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen die Sprecherin der Berliner mit Marzahn-Hellersdorf Stadtreinigung (BSR): „Geum Platz eins. 2017 lag Mar- fühlt hat sich die Lage verbeszahn-Hellersdorf mit 10.782 sert. Hundekot ist auch nicht knapp vor Reinickendorf mehr wie früher unter den Top Five der Beschwerden, (10.340). Wer keinen Hund besitzt, die bei der BSR abgeladen den nervt vor allem eins: werden.“ Ihr Kollege SebasHundekacke. Wer in Berlin tian Harnisch: „Die Erfahrunist noch nie in eine „Tret- gen unserer Einsatzkräfte mine“ gelatscht und hat sich zeigen, dass sich die Situation Sonderbeihefter über einen komischen Ge- in den letzten Jahren verbes"Gartenstadt Frohnau" „Gartenstadt Frohnau“ ruch gewundert und später sert hat.“ Belastbare Zahlen im Innenteil gebe es nicht. bräunliche Spuren auf dem Herausgeber: Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt,aber Verkehr und Klimaschutz, Am Köllnischen Park 3, 10179 Berlin, Was, lesen Sie im Artikel auf Seite 11. MANDY NEUMANN FRISEURE Heinsestraße 52 13467 Berlin Telefon: 030-437 47 447 Contact: February 1 February, Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin Advertise with success Foto: privat DATES DAMEN HERREN Mo-Fr 9-18 Uhr Sa nach Vereinbarung KINDER (030) 43 777 82 - 0 or OUR NEXT ISSUE WILL FOCUS ON THE THEME OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND IS SET TO APPEAR ON 18 MARCH 2019 Copy deadline: 18 February 2019 34 RAZ Verlag GmbH · Am Borsigturm 13 · 13507 Berlin · Tel.: +49 30 43 777 82 - 0 · Fax +49 30 43 777 82 - 22 · E-Mail: Your wish is our standard Whether your print needs involve a full-length magazine, brochure or business report, or prestigious business materials or even a professional trade fair package, we deliver a flawless presentation. As an innovative printing company, LASERLINE specializes in business and commercial printing. As a full-service provider, we’re committed to providing the highest quality and fastest delivery time for every order. We’re ready to serve online or onsite. 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