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Full text: Bibliotheksdienst (Rights reserved) Issue 45.2011 (Rights reserved)

Themen Ausland 24 Bibliotheksdienst 45. Jg. (2011), H. 1 Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk ot Prof. A. D. Rudneeva” (Mongolian manuscripts and xylographs, accessed to the Asian Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences from professor A. D. Rudneev). The researcher L. S. Puchkovskiy wrote a monograph on the Mongolian books in the Institute of Oriental Studies in Saint Petersburg7, and the Hungarian mongolist G. Kara8, the Mongolian researchers J. Tsezen and Ts. Shuger are also authors of monographs on Mongolian bibliography and book-editing. The scholar Dorj Ban- zar, who started scientific research on the culture of the Mongolian book, became familiar with the Mongolian and Manchu manuscripts and books in the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg and made a catalogue of the Manchu books in twelve classifications. Bibliographical works related to the Kanjur and the Tanjur, valuable examples of Mongolian literary monuments, have been published not only in Mongolia, but also abroad.9 The Hungarian mongolist L. Ligeti made a list of the titles of the names of the Kanjur, kept in a library in Paris, and published it in Budapest be- tween 1942 and 1944.10 The well-known Mongol scholar B. Rinchen compiled a bibliography of the first 75 volumes of the Tanjur which was published in New Delhi (India) between 1964 and 1974.11 Ch. Bat-Ochir and B. Shagj, researchers at the Mongolian Institute of Letters, are the authors of a bibliographical reference of the Tanjur which is now kept as a manuscript in the State Central Library of Mongolia. In the 1950s and 1960s, the German mongolist W. Heissig, the British mongolist Ch. Bawden, and the Finnish researcher P. Aalto compiled bibliographies of Mongolian xylographic books in 7 Puchkovskiy, L. S.: Sobranie mongol’skikh rukopisey i ksilografov. Uchenye zapiski Instituta Vostokovedeniya, No. 9 (1954): 90-127; Mongol’skie, Buryat-Mongol’skie i Oyratskie rukopisi i ksilografy Instituta Vostokovedeniya. I. Istoriya i pravo. Moskva / Leningrad 1957. 8 Kara, G.: The Mongol and Manchu Manuscripts and Blockprints in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Budapest 2000 (Bibliotheca Orientalis Hungarica; 47). 9 See also the bibliography on Mongolian printed sources and bibliographies in the review article by András Róna-Tas: A historical source on the Mongolian catalogues. Acta Orientalia, vol. 58, No. 4 (December 2005): 449–455. 10 Ligeti, L.: Catalogue du Kanjur mongol imprimé. Budapest 1942–1944. 11 Rintchen, B.: Catalogue du Tanjur mongol imprimé. 1–3. New Delhi 1964–1974 [unfinished] (Œata Pitaka Series 33:1–3).
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